On Mindfulness

I have heard a beautiful Chilean song -”Gracias a la Vida”. The melody and the lyrics stay with me all the time now. “Thank you”-I should say it to the life more often. Instead I ignore the richness and beauty of the life and get disappointed or dissatisfied, because the life doesn’t bring to me what I expect it to bring. I want sunshine when it’s raining and I may want rain when it’s hot. I want to be alone when I am with people, or I crave for a company when alone. I am looking always for something that is not here and ignore and overlook everything that is. I am concentrated on my expectations or worries and miss the present moment.

“La Vida”-the life is happening nowhere else but here, so it is time to start paying attention to it. Summer is perfect for practicing this attitude of gratefulness: noticing what’s here and seeing value in it. The presence is abundance; enjoy it, appreciate it and be mindful of it.