On Mindfulness

It is a truth universally acknowledged that “negative” feelings are not welcome in our lives. We would actually do anything to get rid of them and live happily without them. Unfortunately the buggers won’t listen to us and constantly come back. We fight and resist them, we pretend they are not there, and we wrap them in entertaining stories. All these efforts don’t help a bit; they always reappear causing an unwanted behaviour in us. We use so much energy to hide them or to act on them. We are so convinced about their bad intentions that we won’t even look at them.

It actually takes both courage and curiosity to heed negative feelings. And it is also worth to do it, because their function is to give us some precious and important information and not to torture us. So instead of pushing them away, we should invite them to take a floor. We can do it in a safe and quiet space of meditation. We can be mindful of them.

Invite the “negative” feelings into your awareness, without calling them names and judging, listen and inquire with open heart and open mind. That’s the way of understanding and integrating them into your life. You can’t defeat them or get rid of them, because they are an integral part of you. You can only use their wisdom to improve and enrich your life, and become happier.