On Mindfulness

Democracy is an ideal of the western world. We associate it with values like equality, justice and freedom. We want it in our countries, our jobs and families. We want to be treated in democratic way: to be taken into consideration and listened to. Democracy feels right.

It is easy to notice and criticize its absence.

Now, have you ever looked into your own, inner, personal world?

What kind of system does organize your life?

How democratic, interested and open are you towards the voices, conflicts and differences that exist inside you? Are you a benevolent, understanding and democratic ruler or a heartless, dominating despot? Do you listen to all even the smallest, shivering and insecure voices? How about the parts of you that are abandoned or denied? How much freedom of speech do you allow them? How about so called “negative feelings” or suppressed desires? They deserve to be acknowledged, recognized and felt too. They also have a right to take a floor and be listened to.

Take a democratic turn on your inner world, ask the dominant, Great Critic to be quiet for a moment and listen to all your inner voices. Be mindful of each one. Maybe the secret of your happiness is hiding there; apply democracy, practice mindfulness.