On Mindfulness

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking Forsings Bono and we hum it agreeing with him. We haven’t found it either. Maybe we have been searching in wrong places.

“That what you are looking for is where you are looking from”* explained a wise man already 800 years ago. He advised us to change direction of our investigation. Instead of pursuing our happiness out there, we could find it in here. It sounds so obvious and simple; but do we know how to do it and where “in here” is?

Let’s take it literally. Let’s move our attention closer and closer to ourselves; so close that there is no space for judgment, for the past or the future and neither for thoughts and stories. So close that what we notice and observe are just feelings and sensations in the body: the physical experience of the reality just here and now. This attitude is also called mindfulness, and the best way of training it is meditation. It helps to change the direction towards “in here” and to find that what we are looking for.

*Words of St Francis of Assisi is a favourite quotation of my teacher GPWalsh-the founder of Master Heart Institute