Paula Bangels

Theatre Director and Performance Coach

About Me

I am a Theatre Director who over the course of my career, have delivered over 50 productions in Belgium, The Netherlands and South Africa, across a broad category of genres and styles.

My acting career began after I graduated as an actress, playing my first role n ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ in Belgium in 1994. Later, as I worked a lot in Holland, I became director.

In 2010 I founded my own Theatre Company: De Spelerij ,collaborating with the best classical and modern theatre producers, writers and actors to attract and engage diverse audiences.

My Mission

In the meantime, I worked also as a qualified and successful Body Language Coach.  I am committed to support vulnerable people or those lacking confidence, to feel safe. Through my own unique and well-honed system, applied in both Belgium and Holland, to guide in body language skills. I aim to encourage, inspire and energise people so they can grow and thrive.

In 2006, I established my own Company, Abplaus.

As an executive coach I delivered a range of masterclasses in the area of Leadership Development for many companies with a focus on performance management, personal development and non-verbal communication to demonstrate the power of communication and behaviour.

What is Performance Management?

Performance management:

bringing your story in such a way that it touches people and sets them in motion. What makes your story believable?

Personal development:

examining your (unconscious) body language to discover who you really are. Develop your own authentic personality.

Non-verbal communication:

How do you come across to the other person. And, vice versa: how can you read the non-verbal behavior of the other person and respond well to it.

In our contact with others, the way we move through the world (walking, speaking, laughing, listening, fighting) is the key to success.

Our behaviour speaks volumes

In 2020, around the time of the pandemic, I relocated to Spain.

I am a driven, dedicated, collaborative, and creative Theatre Director and Performance Coach, committed to empowering people to reach their full potential and produce outstanding results.

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