Self Discipline

Isn’t easy. Working for yourself has so many positives, and most people only concentrate on that. Which is good. But then they forget, or omit, the less than positive side. 
The discipline needed. 
It’s a skill one learns and instills. Not everyone automatically has it. I myself do not. I’m in total awe of people who are almost regimented.
They get up at a certain time, have their getting ready routine, have stuff written in their diary, and execute their day. 
They are always in control, polished, clean and productive. 
I try, believe me I try. And I’ve had great results on the days I’ve managed to be disciplined. But then it all goes to pot. Life happens, things happen. A phone call throws your day out. A friend in need, a visit. 
And yet,
Isn’t that the fun of being self employed? Not being dictated to by a boss, by someone else who has bought your soul for the hours in a day you have agreed to give it over?
To be able to chuck the phone in your bag and head off to the beach because it’s a nice day. To go and spend time with a loved one. To cuddle the dog, to curl up on the sofa watching a movie. 
Wasn’t this why you become your own boss?
Don’t get me wrong, the work has to be done, but if it’s completed in a haphazard way, is that so wrong?
What do you think?