Self Love vs Self Pity…



Unnecessary criticism
verbal cruelty, sarcasm
and malicious gossip 
demeans the speaker
making them less,
darkening their aura
and encourages a habit to form
but even their unspoken words
travel through the
‘song of the universe’
to find a recipient


Do you choose to accept
these feelings of wickedness
that cloud your aura
reinforcing other nasty comments
you may of heard from a neighbour
a friend or dear one?
Do you allow these untruths
to overwrite the magnificence
of who you truly are
and begin to believe
you are terrible
and life is against you?


Do you allow the words and thoughts
to hit your heart like an arrow
sending you into a panic attack
and a journey of self-pity?
Or do you choose not to accept
these feelings of wickedness
stand confident and worthy
knowing of your magnificence
and like a boomerang
the words and thoughts
are immediately
‘returned to sender’


Sometimes though
you can turn on yourself
with a destructive attitude
and words of doom
filling yourself
with toxic waste
and having no resistance
you can find yourself
within no time at all
wallowing in self-pity


Only when you take quiet time
to relax and breathe
to feel your feelings
explore, connect and listen
to your inner guidance
can you begin to understand
how responsible you are
for all your thoughts, words and deeds
that determine your journey
of Self Love or Self Pity


So remember
the sorrier you feel for yourself
the worse your life becomes
AND in each moment
you have a choice
to change and choose
Self Love over Self Pity
and live an enchanting life
shining your light brightly
as Your Magnificent Self

©Barbara Franken 2013


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