Living by Frost

The ultimate health program that teaches YOU to make a healthy lifestyle enjoyable, easy to go to and with a lot of pleasure

Living by siff frost®

My name is Siff Bobbieline Ehm Frost and since 2010 I have been working as a nutritionist and health counsellor,  to private and business. 

To be on top and give my clients the best, I do constantly develop my skills with in health and coaching

I have created a program Living by Siff Frost®


how I help

Living by Frost® is a lifestyle

Living by Frost® is for you, who are tired of yoyo weight, diets and counting calories 

Living by Frost® is a lifestyle 

My specialty is you: 

You, who are stressed over your health condition and want lasting results 

You … in your menopause (pre or post) or have other condition related to your hormones.

You are having trouble in the gut, bloating, constipation, or inflammation.

You want to have more energy, stabilise weight and a healthy body.

It's health made simple

Living by Frost® is for you, who are tired of yoyo weight, diets and counting calories



Body composition test. This checks your your muscle, fat and bone mass.

Chiro massage

Cupping for back pain or cellulite 

As well as health consultations

Laboratory tests for instance to check

  • Hormone levels
  • GI ( gut) 
  • Cell metabolism 
  • DNA

to create an overview of your condition, based on the information the test provides about your body’s condition. 

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