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Are you ready for the next stage in marketing and scaling your online business?

The future of SEO and Artificial Intelligence is here today. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the latest tools and techniques for scaling your business with AI, you’ve come to the right place.

At SEO Sonia, we believe that anyone can learn how to implement AI into their business or marketing plan. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced marketing agency looking to take your skills to the next level, our courses and consultancy services can help.

We guide you through the latest trends and technologies in SEO and Artificial Intelligence, giving you the tools and resources you need to become an early adopter and seize new business opportunities.

Our courses are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of expertise. We offer courses for absolute beginners who are just getting started with SEO and marketing strategies, as well as courses for marketing agencies looking to upskill their teams and stay ahead of the competition.

So why wait? Sign up for one of our courses today and start learning how to implement AI into your business or marketing plan. With our help, you’ll be able to scale your business like never before and stay ahead of the competition in this new era of SEO and Artificial Intelligence.

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“Amazing quality & excellent professionalism & super fast service! Highly recommend them if you are looking to get online for less!” Restaurateur, Picasso's Restaurant
Fay Lawrence-Grant
Restaurateur, Picasso's Restaurant
“Highly recommended!! Got a lot of help to improve my social media, in an easy to understand way. Very decent prices too. Thanks for your help!”
Victoria Mola
“An excellent service ,, very helpful and first class customer service . many thanks.”
Michael Alkour
Restaurateur, Business Owner
“I am so impressed that they are offering their services at these prices, as a service to the community in these times of stress and change. Believe me, it is worth far more. Their knowledge and customer service in impeccable. I have been in the industry for many years in America, but was not familiar with Europe and they have been incredibly helpful. Highly recommend.”
Robyn Lisa
The CBD Expert

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When you connect and work with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. We have your back and will do our utmost to contribute to your growth business.

Our services will help you get more leads, more sales, and more revenue. So, if you are looking for the right SEO website consultancy that’ll help you build a good online presence and bring in more conversions and revenue, we are right here!

Our Services

Whether you need technical assistance for an odd job, or you need something more regular, our team are here to help you choose the right package for your needs!

Web Development & Design

We can help in the development of your new or existing website. This includes a full brief with recommendations, working directly with you to improve design and more.

Content Creation & Writing

We have real journalists and brand masters on our team. Today content is more important than ever, and the only way to organically rank. Get in touch and request our portfolio!

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

We provide full SEO onsite and offsite for your online business. This includes keyword research like phrases, voice searches, link building, and technical SEO. We make sure your site is Google ready.

Social Media Management & Branding

We have diverse packages for social media management & branding for all social platforms. Our creative team has a proven track record for acquiring fans and followers naturally on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and More. Get your business seen by your target audience.

Google Ads Management

We set up and fully manage your Google AdWords account or we can create one for you. We understand that Google’s ad platform can sometimes be difficult to manoeuvre, so we set it up and manage it for you with full transparancy.

App Development & Design

We build basic apps in just one day! These apps are perfect for businesses that work in the hospitality industry like restaurants with take-away and home delivery. Our apps take up minimal space and can be placed on your mobile via link. Send notifications and take orders direct!

Facebook Advertising

Leads and brand exposure is everything. We help set your business up on Facebook’s Business Manager. There, we create compelling ad copy without the linkbait you hate. We set up forms, and can provide graphics and short videos as well.

Video Creation & Editing

Video marketing works and works well, especially in today’s fast paced society. We create videos from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes in length using your images, your video footage, captions, music and special effects, creating eye-catching editing styles. Create memories that will last!

Graphic Design & Animation

Our graphics design team are highly skilled and have been in the industry for over a decade. We work closely with you to create the perfect logo to represent you and your business online. We don’t stop until you are completely satisfied with your design.