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From the experiences of thousands of Costa Women members moving to Spain, we found that research is the key to success.

Experience of Others

From the experiences of 1000s of Costa Women members, we identified what can go right or wrong when moving to Spain. We designed SpainExpo to help people avoid common errors and choose the best options.

Who to Ask?

When you meet someone with the knowledge that you need, they may have an interest in selling you something and give their advice accordingly. It is important to know ‘for whose benefit is this advice being given’?

Packed with Insights

Our expert interviews are indispensable and our stories about life in Spain are loaded with valuable information about how Spain can work for you.

Information is key

Costa Women believe that people moving here should be given every opportunity to succeed and warned where they could go wrong.

The Answers to Your Questions

We found the experts and asked the questions in a series of over 35 video interviews.

What are the visa requirements for moving to Spain? How long can you legally stay here before you become resident?

What is the culture like?  Is it safe for families and single people looking at making the move?

How can you keep up to date with changes in the law and what is happening on the ground before and after your move?

Meet the Experts

Powerful Inside Knowledge for People Moving to Spain

You can save on travel costs and research time with these value-packed conversations to learn from, stories to inspire you and links to guide you.

How do you find a home in your ideal location? How does the legal process work? Can you get a Mortgage? 

International, or state schools – which would be best for your children and how does the system work? 

You have decided to retire to Spain, what information do you need to know now and in the future?

Moving to Spain Advice

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Let us help you move to Spain by having the right advice when you need it - NOW!


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Find out how to make the ideal and informed move to Spain

Meet the Spain Experts and find out how to make the ideal and informed move to Spain