The Importance of Self-Love & Prioritising Yourself First…


Many people will tell you that loving yourself is selfish, and to prioritise yourself first is just downright egocentric and not how you create a peaceful community!


However this is due, since the beginning of time, to our allowing a society to be formed based on the false teaching… of how others, especially the experts, professionals and leaders know better and how it is important to serve and love only another, if one is to be well, safe and be able to better oneself.


We have deliberately created a society to look outside and away from self for answers, support, comfort and rewards of fame and fortune! This is to make some  powerful, while making others powerless. The ones in power know all too well of the true loving power held within each person… but this is the game! A game to play and hopefully remember the truth and leave it… as consciousness expands!


Team dark continue to dangle untruths before us, tempting us with distraction and confusion, to make it hard to discern and discover the treasure we each possess within. One of their creations has been the many New Age and Spiritual practices that teach methods and ways to become better, to improve, to learn… knowing we are already enlightened and realised! he he!


Other means of distraction is by keeping us busy working and worrying how to pay off our debts and taxes, and healing ourselves from illness because of the ingestion of chemically poisoned foods, drinks and medicines!


AND in 2021 it has come so far that we struggle to move about and breathe with any kind of freedom… AND the majority still don’t seem to get the game being played!


Long ago, being curious, I read about the formation of power that was put into place a long time ago and our society is built upon. Of how royalty, priests, politicians, actors, musicians and football celebrities all rub shoulders together and live a grand life based on the poor and misinformed men and women who work and pay for their wicked ways!


However, I have always wondered how they managed to infiltrate the grassroots!


I recently came across the video below about Freemasonry… and the dots connected as I finally understood how this old brotherhood organisation, claiming to support business men and women, reeled in the good and godly men and women from the street… under false pretence! Tempting them with finding new connections to help them gain more fortune and fame!


Surely everyone knows everything has a price to pay!


Unfortunately, many only find out over time that the Freemason organisation truly is a cover for satanic worship with an agenda to take over the world by any wicked means possible! AND once you’re in, especially rising ranks, it’s very much impossible to get out alive.


The video is a long long one, and as always, it is to be individually discerned. I’m not too swayed with the religious thread spoken and the musings at the end… but all in all there is truth held here and definitely worth listening too. It does make one look at the truth of our history, what we are putting up with now and how we are going to allow it to end!




So, unless you want to continue to suffer the consequences of putting others first, thinking others know what is better or good for you and being able to move with less and less freedom and more and more illness… isn’t it time to focus on loving yourself, getting to know yourself, listening to that inner wisdom and forge a new path forward, feeling well and happy and attracting new friends to co-create together a harmonious community?


Everyone who practices self-love knows that as you love and serve yourself, you automatically love and serve all Humanity, all change happens within and is reflected outside.


©Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & Master Creator
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