What Lives Matter?


I came across an interesting story about ‘The Formation of Power’ quite a long time ago now but with all the uprising and discussion today about equality and recognising what lives matter! I feel this is a great opportunity to share it again, together with my thoughts about this glorious moment we have created as Humanity.


I can’t say how or by whom this story was written… it wasn’t me, as IAM now anyway, but maybe me in another lifetime! Anyway IAM sure, like myself, upon understanding the big picture of our collective history, you will agree it allows one to realise the power game we all equally play and keeps us locked up in captivity together, struggling to live our desired lives, to this day… until we each individually decide enough is enough and choose to reclaim our power and step away from the game.


AND yes it is that simple! It’s not about protesting, pointing the finger or fighting for freedom. In fact this only digs us deeper into the veil of forgetfulness as we strengthen our beliefs of being powerless, poor, unworthy and weak and play into the hands of the ones who know how to steal power away from others who turn a blind eye.


It’s about taking the time to look back on all our history and sense the repeating patterns, the game of duality of the oppressor and the victim (slave & servant). The controller and the controlled, and know one cannot exist without the other!


It’s about sensing the injustice of ALL our history, the suppression of our strong and dark/coloured people, of our women and children and people who have dared step out of line in choosing their own sexual and spiritual preference, and knowing this will never bring us to experience harmony together.


It’s about remembering how we ALL agreed at the beginning of time, to play this game together and experience duality in all its extremity. For us to feel and know everything and discover our Divine compassion, wisdom and natural power of love that will allow us one day to gently stand up and say no more!


IAM so grateful to see how mass consciousness is now awakening and rising up… to say no more! Grateful to sense hearts opening and discussions around the table. Finally a good majority are indeed remembering we are all equal, unique and sovereign and it’s time to breathe in our freedom and live a life of celebration in harmony together.


Please enjoy this story.




In the Beginning…


In the beginning times smaller sized humans relied on the bigger sized humans (giants) to gather the higher sort-after fruits in the trees in return for gifts, eventually becoming too dependant on them.  The giants realised that their stature could be used to the best advantage and they became luxuriously cared for without putting too much energy into it.  All seemed in perfect harmony, until the mind overtook the heart.

In due time, the larger giant became complacent in his role and insisted on greater rewards.  The gifts became so large that the smaller humans needed to amass their resources to fulfill the giants’s request. 


The world of barter was born…


The smaller humans then discovered that he could use domesticated animals to overpower the giant and not have to pay the fee.  And what if they went in numbers to overpower the giant? What if someone planned an attack and kept the gifts themselves?  These groups of roving marauders created a hierarchy by electing one responsible to plan the next strategic moment.  Everyone supported the fastest thinker, centralized a force and amassed great riches with ease.  This was the beginning of establishing control over the people based on an invisable force that the common people feared! The clever ones appointed themselves as leaders and received the collected gifts, keeping the most for himself and dividing the rest with others, according to strengths. 


The social order was born…


Instead of traveling the trade routes they started building fortress’s along the ways, so that the riches could come to them.  And slowly more and more was demanded until finally taxes was imposed in exchange for wares and services.  The fortress’s became empires and the leaders were named emperors. 




The emperors often used fire-breathing dragons, to threaten the commoner into succumbing to his power; ruling based on fear. However this soon lost its effectiveness when the commoners wanted to see proof of its existence!   


The emperors then took on mystics as advisors, as they saw that the common people liked them.  In this way the emperors kept their power by threatening that the mystic cast deadly spells.  Emperors kept up their rule based on fear. 


The mystics had hardly anything to do so they began to travel outside the empire in search of new adventures.  The further the mystic travelled, the further he discovered and met up with individuals of vastly different experience who were willing to share what they knew with each other. 


More and more they gathered great fortunes of goods and knowledge.  The emperors in turn sent them back to gather more riches!   What the emperors didn’t realise however, was that the mystics were keeping all the new discovered knowledge to themselves.  The mystics/advisors evolved to become explorers  and together they decided to form a pact wherein they would not share the secrets of their mystical powers beyond themselves…for all time to come…In that, they became the all powerful entities of secrecy!




The emperor’s were fully satisfied with life and relinquished all knowledge of the source of the riches.  Instead, it was the mystic who held the power, withholding information they could maintain control!  The mystics also took on the role of scribes, writing down everything that needed recording.  However, the written words offered were just enough hope and respect to lead the commoner to believe that he could attain only a limited level of holiness. 


The emperor’s began to sense that they were losing control and fear gripped even the most dull minded of them.  They were afraid that the mystics would turn against them. 




Religion was born...


Religion in its most popular form teaches from fear.  The mystics who knew the power of the written word used it to their advantage.  In their writings they portrayed god as a fear inspiring, all powerful energy.  Their next step was to designate only one figurehead, themselves, through which god would communicate with humans. 


With only one recognized connection to God, it is easy to see how control was taken to the next level! They established themselves as the new religious leaders and began building their own empire, the church and created new laws!  A perceived separation was created between matters of religion and the affairs of state, and the commoners were glad to be free of the emperor.  Little did they realize that the true rulers, were still in charge of the empire – because of their continued hold on all the recorded knowledge. 


The church made sure that they gave the blessing and authorization for everything!  If the mystic/religious leaders needed to create a war to keep their power secure, they would play one emperor against another.  Indeed, who wouldn’t support a military campaign?  On the surface, all appeared to win – the emperor or king would get great profits and the commoner earned more money.  The unfortunate exception was the soldier in battle who usually lost his life – in the name of god and emperor!


The Holy Inquisition…


In the far reaching parts of the world, the religious leaders came up against ‘the pure mystics’, who were sharing their knowledge with the people and were performing ‘miracles’.  Suddenly they became a threat, because if the commoners discovered that they could commune with all creation, all power structures would breakdown. 


So it was decided to invite the pure mystics to join forces with them, but they refused, they would not have anything to do with controlling the people.  The pure mystics began to speak out warning the people of how they were being controlled.   The response by the church was swift and the pure mystics were branded evil, an enemy of the church and were hunted down and slaughtered! 




Am I hearing you say the words AMEN after reading this summary of our Human history?


I feel we have come full circle again, we have all suffered enough. Isn’t it time to put down our weapons, put it all behind us and choose that our own life matters! AND stand in our innate power and move into a new experience of living a life of love, unity and freedom, a NewEarth that is truly waiting for everyone to enjoy.


It’s a choice we each make, no matter our circumstance.


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
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