Under the groups section of the website, I have created a group all about hobbies and interests and self commitment time for you.  It would amazing if you could join.

It is all about taking time out our busy lives, and getting into a habit of doing something just for YOU.   How many of us do this?  At the moment, we are looking at new habits for October, then either the same habit continued the following month or a completely new hobby or something….and so on.


Anyway, for everyone that is reading this, have a fantastic day everyone. For those that have set themselves commitment goals, it´s your mid week check- in. We are half way through the first week of commitment to yourself! How are we all doing? Are we on track, or have we let things take over and let our self commitments take a back seat?

Remember, without a fully functioning YOU, your other priorities tend to not perform as well as they might. Invest in doing something, anything just for you! You are worth it! My drawing and my language have not been as consistent as I have wanted, so I need to ask myself why. My exercise – walking/running has been over and above. I think it has helped that I am doing it “virtually” to help my friend. I feel is I don´t keep consistent, I am allowing her an opportunity for an excuse not to do it either. So we are actually helping each other by staying committed. Remember, your commitment goals are your own, so they can be adjusted.

The most important thing is to just keep reviewing and see if you need to change them in any way. It is much better to achieve your realistic goals, than to fail when you set unrealistic ones. You can decide whether you want to write here how you are doing with your goals or not. It is a personal choice, so totally up to you. For those that do decide to write how they are doing, I and other members of this group, will support and encourage you to get to where you want to be. If you are off track, let us know if you still intend to catch up, or if this is impossible, what stopped you achieving your personal commitment goals – is that something you can change – or is it your goals you need to adjust. There are no wrong answers – only how you want to move forward doing what is best for YOU!


I hope this has made you realise how important it is for us to take that time.