10 Things to see and do in Benalmadena

1. PALOMA PARK: Wide green area of the town and one of the most beautiful parks in the Costa

del Sol. Has more than 200,000 meters of green area and has an artificial lake, parks for the

kids, trails, animals, as well as restaurants and cafes around.Parque de la Paloma. Benalmadena.

2.BENALMADENA TOWN: Spectacular white town! Come and breathe the charm of the

traditional and the Andalusian life style. A window on the Mediterranean with white washed

houses, flowery alleys, traditional buildings and beautiful views of the coast.

3. BENALMADENA MARINA: Also known as Puerto Marina. An emblematic seaport and one of the

most visited places in the Costa del Sol. It was inaugurated in 1979 under the name of Port of Prince and in 1982 was named as Puerto Marina.

In it you will find hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shops and even an aquarium. Quite a good spot to start the summer!

4. BENALMADENA CABLE CAR: The best views of the Costa del Sol! Enjoy an exciting journey that

will take you to the top of Mount Calamorro, more than 771 meters high! A unique landscape

where you can see different native species and enjoy a show of birds of prey when you come to the top.

Teleferico Benalmadena.


Nature in family entertainment. More than 1,500 butterflies from around the world fly in freedom. Come and immerse yourself in

the habitat of these precious animals and enjoy watching fly to your around. A very original

visit which we are sure will leave without words to the kids. Mariposario Benalmadena.


In the heart of the village, in the Plaza of Spain, with views to the famous source of “The girl.”

A square coquettish and full of charm with many bars and restaurants around where to sit and have a drink.

7. GARDEN OF EAGLES: An almost obligatory for all animal lovers visit. Huge square where you

can see a spectacular display of birds of prey. Hawks, eagles, vultures … Over 160 birds! The fun is guaranteed.

8. CASTLE COLOMARES: A stone monument that has “the discovery of America”. Seven years of

craftsmanship using brick, stone and cement. A castle with great views of the bay, a tribute to

Christopher Columbus. It is located in Benalmadena Pueblo and inside you can see the world’s smallest church.

9. BIL BIL CASTLE: On the shores of the Mediterranean. It is a center where exhibitions and

concerts take place today. It was designed by architect Henry Atencio and noted for its Arabic

style with outdoor gardens with fountains and palm trees. It was built in 1927 and belonged at

first to the Herman family and later to the American family Schestrom.

Legend has it that its owner named William, was known as Bill by the locals, hence their house Castle Bil Bil is called. Castillo_de_Bil_Bil. Benalmadena.

10. VIBORILLA BEACH RESTAURANT: Rice, grilled seafood or fried fish, what are you up for

a meal? After this lovely Benalmadena tour plays to regain strength.This restaurant is located

in the beach of Viborilla, in the area of new Torrequebrada. It takes more than 37 years preserving

family and beach environment that characterizes them, with a typical Mediterranean cuisine. Restaurante Playa La Viborilla.