Katie Mann Dog Trainer

Costa Women Meet Katie Mann

Moving from the rat race of London to Villafranco de Guadalhorce is Katie Mann. Katie spends her days offering dog training and foster caring as well as projects in her new home. She is loving her life in Spain. Read her story.

Debs Cormode

Costa Women meet Debs Cormode

Finding kindness in Spanish community was one reason why Debs Cormode decided to move to Spain. She has set her heart on San Juan de los Terreros as her destination. Find out more about her journey by reading her story.

Carrie Frais

Costa Women Meet … Carrie Frais

Meeting her future husband at the wedding in the UK and throwing a dare into the conversation about moving to Spain brought Carrie Frais back to Spain. When here, Carrie discovered that there were limited resources for parents and created MumAbroad.com