10 Things to see and do in Estepona

1. Visit the historic center of Estepona: After years of reforms, the old town of Estepona shines, we could say it is one of the prettiest of the Costa del Sol. Charming village to get lost in its streets and admire the street murals. Shops, restaurants and bars … You will not have time to get bored!
2. Plaza de las flores (square flowers): Built in the eighteenth century and situated in the old town of Estepona. Beautiful square full of flowers and one of the oldest in the town. Surrounded by bars, restaurants, cafeterias … nice and cozy. You can have breakfast, have a drink or ice cream! Do not miss this lovely spot foodies.
3. Promenade of Estepona: One of the most interesting to discover this beautiful city corners. It is very spacious and departs from the port to the end of the beach. Along its route we find all kinds of establishments and we can enjoy the gardens, which has a vast collection of native plants. Chiringuitos at the beach and parks for the kids, ideal for walking! 
4. Orchids House: Received more than 35,000 visitors last April. It is a divided and separated by a bamboo forest building. 1,000 square meters to 15,000 cubic meters in volume, almost anythin! A lake, a waterfall and three glass domes, offers spectacular views! Over 1,300 species of orchids from around the world and 200 square meters of gardens. If you love plants and architecture you can not miss it!
5. Cristo´s Beach: beach town near the Marina of Estepona. For those of Estepona, one of the most beautiful beaches. A charming and beautiful cove sheltered from the wind, ideal for a drink at one of the bars of its surroundings and to take a chilly bath. 
6. Church of Remedios: Built in the fifteenth century, is located in the historic town of Estepona. White facade typical Andalusian where different architectural styles are mixed. Rococo features along with other of the colonial architecture of Spanish America.
Iglesia virgen de los remedios estepona.

Iglesia virgen de los remedios estepona.

7. Estepona Clock Tower: Tower built during the sixteenth century. It has a neoclassical dome, decorated with garlands and scrolls. It was an Arab minaret of the old mosque after the conquest, became a Christian church and bell tower became.
8. Lighthouse of Estepona: Located at the end of the boardwalk and just before arriving at the fishing port. Dating from the nineteenth century is 21 meters high and 1 or 2 flashes every 15 seconds. Spectacular views of the Strait of Gibraltar with a Mediterranean vegetation. You will love this place foodies!
Faro Estepona

Faro Estepona

9. Bull Ring: Architecture to see! Located opposite the marina of Estepona and from 1972. It is a work of architect Juan Mora Urbano and definitely a unique place.
10. La Casa del Rey (King’s House Restaurant): Located in the old town, next to the famous Plaza de las Flores, and framed within a house with over 200 years of history. Wine Bar Restaurant that opened on 5th December 2012. All over the restaurant La Casa del Rey in Estepona, speak of the town’s history and its people. It has a beautiful courtyard where you can have an intimate evening and indoor table for wine tastings. Skewers up with innovative recipes and respecting the traditional cuisine. Ideal for tasting cuisine tapas, the king’s house restaurant run by the Chef David Garcia and his team.