16. 2014, Be what YOU want to be.

They say that a picture tells a thousand words. Well the thing is that those words can be just as deceiving as they can be the plain truth.

The words that people get from the pictures are all based on their perspectives in which makes it that the same picture that can be seen as inspirational, or as condescending. It can warm a heart or be an outlet of sarcasm. It can motivate you to spread your wings and fly high or it can tie your feet down with cynicism. It can create salty tears of pain or it can create sweet tears of joy.

Same picture, a thousand words, hundreds of different stories, and that brings us up to perspectives.

Perspectives; It seems to be difficult for allot of people to conceive that I am almost completely paralyzed for about 20 years and that I am still very happy living a great life with a wonderful husband even though with all my disabilities.

The general idea seems to be that anyone with any kind of disability should have some kind of attitude of pity and that they should be living a somehow awkward life. And their native language should be sarcasm and cynicism. Hmmm, I actually like sarcasm and cynicism, but as a humoristic trade. They are good to use as a tool for a good laugh. But they don’t have any good use for anything else. Where to pity and be negative, well those are not even funny; their only use is to decrease the value of your life.

Well I have news for those who think life of disable´s sucks. We may not live an ordinary life, but we still try to live our lives as normal as possible meaning that we all have joys and sorrows like everyone else. Some of us may express it all in a different way but it is still the same emotion. The heart of the disabled beats the same as every other heart and our blood is still red and our smiles can bright up a room just like everybody else’s.

Our attitude and appreciation of life might different from the general public. Yet that is not a consequent of being disabled. It is not a talent that is unique to disables; it is a common behavior for anyone who had an event in their lives that was strenuous enough to make them take another view at what life is really about.

Main thing to do when you get yourself in any kind of situation is to remember that things aren´t black and white. The past is the past, what used to be, is just that, ‘what used to be’. As soon as you do that you can start separating the reality of what you can change and what you cannot change. When that is done you can start working on your personal heroic life by changing all that you can change. My recipe for this is; to be motivated by something that is precious to you. This can be anything, anything at all. I would recommend using something that resides deep within your heart, something you can always reach even if you are paralyzed. The final ingredients for success are character, principles, perseverance and conviction. Mix them all together and create your attitude. In Finnish we call this “SISU”

Lucky are those that have reached the bottom because they will get the chance to experience something that just a little few of us gets the chance to experience. They will be blessed with the chance to use all their power to push them self up all the way to the top.

Most times the results of tragic events affects the ones close to the victim more then they affect the victim her/him self. It happens very often that the loved ones become disabled from the inside, emotionally and even mentally. The after effects may leave them more disabled then the victim. It happens too often that they just give up on faith, hope and sometimes life itself.

What could I say to those people, not much really, I have never been in their shoes. The only thing that I might be able to say is that; pity has never been a solution to no problem. The truth may seem to be too hard to handle. Well let me tell you something, it never is. I have always said that no matter the problem it is best to face immediately. The saddest stories are the best set up for the greatest heroics. It only takes the right mindset.

Keep in mind that rules can always be molded.

The thing about rules in general, unwritten rules and society rules is that they are good to keep a good understanding between people. And they are very necessary; we would be animals without them. But, but, but, but….. Rules are not blindfolds, they are more like pants, and if they don’t fit you then you have to fix them so they do fit. Would you go walking around with pants that are too long or too short or too tight would you? Would you wear pants that are too long and make you trip? You would not let yourself be strangled by pants that are too tight, would you? No, you would not, so you should not let rules strangle you either. Fix them and live your life as clean and healthy as you can.

Need I say that I dislike negativity so very much, I don’t mean to be rude or show any kind of violent behavior, but every time negativity shows his face I give him a hard smack on the pecker and send him back down the road it came from.

Just as Jesus is the son of God, negativity is the son of fear. Fear is just a warning system that is its function. Fear is not a weapon; do not use it as such. For fear is the most destructive weapon of all. Not just personally, but for all human kind. For man will destroy everything because of its fears.

So avoiding negativity should be your number one resolution. Face your fears and make them fade away.

I don’t know, maybe I am of a different breed, or I am one of these aliens my father always talks about. If so, so is my Mother, so is Henning and so are many others out there that prefer to live their life in the light rather than drowning in sorrow.

Now it is time to start the year of with the same mindset as always OVERFLOWING IN OPTIMISM AND FULL OF POSITIVISM.
Let your emotions be your firework and your thoughts your champagne. Let them lift you high, and come meet me way up there in skies.
I wish you all a very happy new year. All the best hugs and kisses ……


p.s. If they ever tell you that what you want is impossible to achieve, that nobody can do it. Just tell them ‘I AM NOBODY’ and be what you want to be.

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