30 DAYS focus to find your dreams and achieve 2014 goals

30 DAYS focus to find your dreams and achieve 2014 goals


I am offering a 30 day coaching program for all who are interested to get help and support finding your Dreams and setting 2014 achievable Goals.


The program will be via weekly group sessions of 6 over a 4 week time period for 60-90 minutes starting 28. January 2014. Through this easy, step-by-step guided workshop, you will discover what is really important for you at this stage of your life and then make a plan to succeed in your dreams.


I will set up a buddy system so we each have a partner to support each other through the fun process.


After the 30 days, there will be an optional 90 day program where we will make sure we really step into the directions of our dreams and visions and deliver results. What better way to focus on what you want to achieve for 2014!


If you are ready to step into beautiful changes, standing up for your Dreams in life, and not allowing your routine to let just another year pass by, then join us. The cost for the first 30 days is 80 Euros. However, I am offering a special discount for any places booked before 25.01.2014, if you book before this date the cost will be 70 Euros, meaning a saving of 10 Euros.


Involved in Self Development work and Spirituality over the last decade, I grew, I healed, I learned, I found myself more and more and what is really important in life for me. Since I started my path to the real me, I always knew this is something I want to bring to the world one day.


As we all know growing and healing never ends but by doing it together we can start to grow by joy instead of pain.


I want to help you to dare to shine, laugh, have fun in life and remember where you come from and live it. I decided for me that NOW is the time to do so. As only the NOW exists.


I am so excited and really looking forward to get us together on your path to LOVE & JOY.


You can reach me under 699 396 808 or fruehlea@gmail.com


With Love

Lea Frueh