****4 TOP Tips to help you adjust in a NEW country ***

****4 TOP Tips to help you adjust in a NEW country ***


Moving is considered a TOP stress factors  in life!

Moving within your own country is stressful, but let’s talk about relocating in a ‘’NEW country’’ !!!

If you relocate to a new country with the SAME language as yours, it becomes slightly less challenging. But when you land into a place where you have NO clue what they say, your stress scale may increase.

You can turn the word ‘’challenge’’ into opportunity with the following tips for your new life abroad.

#1. Learn the language. 

Do  you speak the local language?

The #1 TIP from every expat, is to learn the language! A basic level is fine! Small sentences or words to use in day-to-day life.

Start learning BEFORE you move. At least so you can get by as soon as you set foot in your new area! You want to find your way (or ask for directions)) and be able to buy food. CONVERSATION is KEY!

You can then take lessons once you arrive. You will be surprised at how much more you will enjoy your new home and how quickly you will be accepted and respected by the locals when you attempt speaking their own language.

 #2. Meet people

It is always good to connect to new people abroad. Locals AND non-locals. TALK and find people that have established themselves in the place you have decide to live.

Upon arrival you may find yourself ALONE as you don’t know anybody. Don’t sit and wait for months until someone knocks your door, but GET OUT there!

Having a job helps as you have your colleagues to talk and connect to. No  job yet, or after working hours, try churches, pubs, clubs, and sporting associations (e.g. tennis, running), expat events, knitting club, or a gym.

Search, ASK, seek, go out, and FIND others to connect! This is crucial and avoids homesickness, depression, and makes the difference between feeling alienated and accepted in those difficulty early weeks of your new expat life.

I can’t repeat this enough, because feeling alone can lead to your return flight home and that is NOT your goal, is it?

#3. Visit your embassy. 

Your home embassy is one of the first addresses you can look up to visit when you arrive.They know where other expats are meeting. They can also inform you  about groups, events, celebrations, sport events, and other places to visit or attend.

Additionally, they can help you with certain items, documents or answer other questions.

 After all, they have been in the new country for a while and can guide you further. It is so comforting to be able to speak to people of a similar culture and language, so it’s worth to find them.

#4. Learn the culture. 

For many expats a new country can become a cultural SHOCK

You can avoid this with good preparation when you learn about certain habits and customs in advance. This way you can be comfortable to greet someone without insulting anybody.

You can learn what is acceptable or not, such as shaking hands between male and female may seem common to you but is ‘’NOT done’’ in certain Eastern countries.

Preparation is KEY! A bit of research in advance will certainly help you adapt faster and ENJOY your new HOME 


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Are you considering starting a life abroad?

 As an expat having moved to many countries several times, I have to overcome challenges and finding my way each time again….new job, new home, new people, new language…..

OR, return to your “home”-country can be scary too.


Whatever the direction of your move, it is well worth to ENJOY it and avoid stress !!!

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