5 Reasons why people DON´T LIKE YOU!

This is one of those topics that many of us think about but it seems to be a Taboo, especially now, in the digital age of have 3 gazillion Facebook friends and 2.7 quadrillian of followers on Twitter, all of whom constantly “like” you and your posts.

We´re told left, right and centre that we shouldn´t worry about, or even mention, people who don´t like us, and instead, concentrate on those that do. Me here included!

But, the truth is that our mind is automatically drawn like bees to honey, to the negatives and to any critics, as much as we tell it to focus on the positives. Of course, the degree of that attraction, and more importantly, the time it “stays” there, depends on how well we train it to.

Still, this isn´t my point in this blog entry. This one is dedicated to the clandestino wonderings of our naughty mind into the deep and dark taboo of “Why don´t they like me??”.

Some of us resort to extremes like dying our hair, buying gifts and paying endless compliments, all in the name of “changing their minds” about us, yet all to no avail. So, WHY?? Why are some people so set on disliking us?

1. Envy– this one is a very obvious and well known one. With a little twist. On top of being envious of our wealth/partner/social life/figure/job/travel etc, it is actually more about being convinced that THEY deserve it much more than we do. That surely, someone with THEIR background/language skills/popularity etc deserves that more than we do. “How DARE you have THAT job if you didn´t have all the family connections that I did??” / “How on earth do you have THAT figure if you eat chocolate every time I see you and I barely eat 2 celery sticks a day and still don´t have that waistline??”


2. Rejection – you refuse to join them in something / agree to something they want. They suggested a travel trip some time ago and you said NO. You had the most valid reasons in the whole wide world. You thought you explained it in the nicest possible way. They elegantly said “Not to worry, no problem at all, of course I understand”. Well, you SHOULD worry. It IS a problem and they do NOT understand. Apply this to anything that you might have said that ugly word to – joint birthday party, their home-selling scheme, doing your make up, hiring them as your caterer/graphic designer/interior decorator etc.

3. Revenge – at some point of their lives, often college, they had an……….read more in my blogspot..http://marinanitzak.blogspot.com.es/