A new life in Spain – our journey

Back from a fabulous two week break in Spain to a wet and windy UK hasn’t left us with holiday blues, but a sense of excitement as we begin our plan to move to Spain in 36 months.

We might seem like the typical middle aged couple, (we met lots in Spain) who are looking for a stress free life in the sun but both Chris and I in our separate lives have both planned moves abroad in the past.

Our fortnight in Spain wasn’t spent by the pool or on the beach like some, but by travelling around the Axarquia region stumbling on village after beautiful village, deciding that each new village would be where we would make our home in Spain! Chris also had lots of fun taking our small hired Mazda on twisting and turning dirt roads across beautiful mountain ranges.

So by day three, we had made up our minds that we would work towards moving to Spain and have given ourselves three years to do it!

Now we are home, Project Spain is well under way, sad I know but I’m using Prince2 methodology for tasks and time-scales and much web research has already taken place. We want to record our journey using this blog and hope you enjoy reading it.

Below a view taken from A-7000 towards Malaga.