Ali Meehan´s Secrets to a Positive Mind, Confidence and Success

Interview with Alison Meehan, founder of Costa Women
This is the first in the series of interviews with the people that inspire me the most in terms of their positivity, determination, confidence and vision that I´ll be sharing with you over the coming weeks and months. These interviews are part of my ongoing research for my Coaching and Training courses on a variety of subjects, such as Confidence, Motivation, Leadership, and Communication Skills.  I´m very grateful to everyone who has contributed their tips, advice and secrets to help me make my workshops, materials and sessions that much more enriched, practical, fun and effective. I´m sure you´ll enjoy this insightful interview as much as I did!
Alison, since I´ve moved to Marbella, you´ve been one of my inspirations for many reasons, but I think one of the main ones being your thorough consistency in delivering positive, motivational messages to women all around Spain – be it by weekly newsletter, your brilliant webforum, Tweets, Facebook group and I´m sure many others!
Sure, many of us do our best to spread some joy and positivity whenever we get the chance (and don´t get distracted by Facebook, phonecalls, Desperate Housewives etc!). But the consistency, the perseverance, the focus – now that´s a discipline that I believe makes that great difference in succeeding as much as your initiatives do.
First of all, Alison, tell us a little about you? Where are you based? How do you “earn your living”, what is your business all about?
Well firstly, thank YOU for the kind comments Marina!  As you will have gathered, I am hugely passionate about what I do so that drives the focus and the desire to show up.   Providing a platform for connecting women, promoting businesses and networking is something I love; its great to share the opportunities that are out there. 
Originally from the UK, I am now based in Los Boliches, and have lived here on and off since 2002.  We have moved about a bit in the interim (Dubai, Spain, Thailand and then back to Spain) but this is very much home! 
My working background is very diverse, but in Dubai I worked for an oil and gas business development consultancy where I learnt many different skill sets; including marketing and branding, sales and customer service, as well as working on a IT start up which was subsequently sold to an international Media House.  Most importantly, I learnt how to build a global community with multinational Clients.
In 2011 when we came back to Spain, my husband and I started a social media and ecommerce business with most of our Clients internationally based.  Social media fits so well with what I love; being social, media and networking, that I am one of those fortunate people that loves what they do.
And now, pray do tell, how do you manage this enviable consistency in your projects and communications? How do you stay on course, don´t get distracted, don´t get absorbed by life´s everyday chaos and mini-crisis etc?