Are You Answering your Calling?

Are You Answering your Calling?


Look around you, now look inward.  Are you doing what you are meant to do?  Are you happy in and with your surroundings?  Is there something you think you would be better off doing?

Do you find yourself having frequent inner dialogues full of complaints or full of “I’d rather be ____________.”

Guess what happens when what you are supposed to be doing, you are NOT?

Imagine for a moment, that the little voice inside of you has been put on ignore?

For another nanosecond of your time, you know that deep down you need to fulfill your life’s calling, and yet, for some reason, you’re in the middle of putting your calling towards the back burner.  This many not necessarily be through any fault of yours, but yet, you still have your FREE WILL to act upon it.

What are you supposed to do?

The good news, you are NOT alone on this one.  The better news is, that if you are aware of all the internal dialogue, there’s still time for you to do something about.  The NOT so good news is that now that you’ve raised awareness, and know the discomfort of not answering your calling, that means YOU have to do something about it and fast.  It really is entirely up to YOU!  But wait, how can this not be good news?  Well, it actually is.

Think of the empowering position you put yourself into.  YOU are in charge; you are the creator of your present and your future, and you, and ONLY you, command what’s yet to come.


  • ·         How often do you feel out of sorts?
  • ·         Are you complaining more than usual about not liking what you’re doing.
  • ·         Are you finding fault on a lot of minor things?
  • ·         Do you blame others for what’s happening?
  • ·         Do you feel like you’re getting father and father away from what you wanted to do?
  • ·         Are doable goals not getting attained?
  • ·         Do you feel perplexed as to why things are not going your way?

It is very difficult to find joy in your daily doings, when your true calling has not been answered.  It will nag at you fast and furious, even if at times, the voice seems to be getting quieter and quieter.  Don’t be fooled by it.  It has its own volume control, and it will rise even louder next time around.


  • ·         Time-Out!  Yes, give yourself some time-out.
  • ·         Use this time wisely.
  • ·         It is meant for you to dig deeper on your real life’s purpose.  To really figure out what that persistent little voice is trying to tell you.
  • ·         Analyze with objectivity the things that really make you happy.
  • ·         Go back to early childhood and contemplate those things you did, that brought joy and happiness into your life, and that of others.
  • ·         Observe with full intent, your true talents.  Do not focus on your weaknesses.
  • ·         Get a coach, a mentor, a trusted confidant to help you assess the true meaning of your life’s path, and the journey that awaits you.


  • ·         Make a list of the things that are NOT fulfilling to you.
  • ·         Make a list of the things that make you very happy.
  • ·         Write about the What and the Why on “both” lists.
  • ·         Be honest about what really hurts you.
  • ·         ASK:  What are the advantages of staying the same?
  • ·         ASK:  What will happen if you finally answer your calling?
  • ·         Talk with your coach, mentor or confidant about the many more options open to you depending on how much you want to exercise your free will, and the greatness of your talents.  A measuring stick for your level of satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction also an important tool.
  • ·         Get ready to start implementing your changes!

As you discover more about yourself and your very unique path to fulfill your calling,  you will cry and you will laugh.  You will be confused, and then you will be very clear.  You will be saddened; you will also be very joyous.  It will be an emotional roller-coaster, but only for a very brief period of time.  Once the implementation of changes begin to take root, you will be the happy person that all along you were meant to be, and suddenly, you’ll have what you deserve, and then some.

Key to happiness:  Always Be GRATEFUL!

Congratulations on your smart decision to finally answer your calling!

And as a Coach, I’d be honored to help you during this very unique journey.