Are YOU Choosing to Evolve or Devolve YOUR Consciousness


AM I the only one who wonders how we have managed to move ourselves so far away from our original intention of experiencing being HumanKind, the kind Human? Isn’t that what all our lifetimes of duality have partly been about, to bring us individually to the knowing that we love to be free, to create, to be honoured, to be treated with respect and kindness, to be included, to be found equal and valuable in our own uniqueness?


As well as realising the importance of reuniting with our Divine Consciousness and remembering our own individual and powerful Sovereign Oneness, born in all freedom, love and joy! Remembering we are free to choose in each moment how we desire to create our reality, our community in all unity! 

Yet it seems to me, too many are not interested in following their own Divine intuition and Human compassion for taking care of themself and another! Instead continue to follow the narrative of our leaders and doctors, and follow without question the majority! Wanting to fit in and be counted as the good guys and doing the right thing!


What about the people who can’t follow, for what ever reason? What happened to choice, to freedom, to caring and being inclusive?


IAM shaking my head as I see people’s choice not being honoured and it leaves me feeling sad to the fact we have forgotten to care about ourself and another and remember our intention to free ourselves this lifetime from years of slavery, abuse and separation! To remember our intention to evolve our Human Consciousness and embody Divinity here on Earth, to be able to live a life of harmony and unity together.


Thankfully I woke up many years ago to the game of duality we play, realising life is not about another knowing better than you or being responsible and taking care of you, but discovering you are quite capable of being responsible, caring and looking after yourself and you definitely know what is best for you! This insight gave me the courage to step out of the game and into my own power and freedom. Now it’s everyones else turn!


Everything is playing out as it should. Everyone has the opportunity now to wake up and not fall down the rabbit hole, a path where the intention is to overwrite Consciousness with Transhumanism… where the Human condition is developed by sophisticated technology, able to greatly enhance longevity, mood and cognitive abilities! Have you heard of Cyberborgs? Of being part Human and part Artificial Intelligence. AND Spirit? Spirit is deliberately being overwritten for good!


You can take a look at my post below, Consciousness vs Artificial Intelligence where you can download a free ebook that my friends and I wrote about regarding our concerns about the future we are creating together and is happening today!



IAM the one who chooses to embody my Divine and Human Consciousness and create NewEarth from within. Who chooses to be vibrant, healthy and abundant, rejuvenating along a loving, joyful and peaceful path I create in each moment. As I shine my light, I know I affect others and this is how I care for another.


But it doesn’t stop me wondering, after all our lifetimes together, so much giving and receiving of pain and suffering… why so many don’t seem to care and love themself… to explore and discover their true power and magnificence and that of another! Or maybe there is still hope? I do hope so, but I also know, many Humans choose not to walk with me after these last few days of the war on consciousness.


We may be the minority (to date)… but this empowers and inspires me each day to shine my light brighter, to inspire others in their realisation of their magnificence, and I remain grateful for Sovereign friends who continue to come out, to follow their heart and remember their innate compassion, passion and mission this lifetime and we walk together remembering our essential and unique part of HumanKind who are here now to reunite with our own DivineHuman Consciousness and birth NewEarth from within.



Sasha Stone was one of the Sovereign ones who I came across and greatly admire, and together we continue to share the truth of the magnificent potential each and every person living carries within them. IAM sharing his launch video of The Lazarus Initiative and his beautiful introductory words below. I promise watching this video is truly a great way to spend 3 ½ hours! It will move you and urge you to question your choice to journey further… either to evolve or devolve your Consciousness.


The Lazarus Initiative is assembling a pantheon of the world’s leading icons in consciousness, medical-science, quantum sciences, archeo-cosmology & theology, forensic analysis and truth & disclosure in an epochal undertaking: to engender a planetary conversation threading a narrative encompassing: a) cosmogenesis b) the status quo c) ascension


The Lazarus Initiative will be presenting a series of x12 livestream symposia and x12 published journals, which will offer members a front-row seat at all the most pressing and important conversations taking place on earth at this epochal moment in history.


The first Lazarus Initiative symposium is on April 21, 2021 and will feature a line up of key activists shining a light on all that has been hidden in plain sight. During this event we will also be initiating a very special monthly Global Frequency Activationthat will take place on the 21st of the month until the Summer Solstice 2022. This frequency activation will enhance the work of the Lazarus Initiative by helping to deconstruct the inverse polarizing frequencies being emitted by the Washington Monument as a monopole antenna (which you will learn all about on the April 1st broadcast). This Global Frequency Activation will empower us all to join in on breaking the dream spell together as a tribe united as ONE!


The Second Lazarus Initiative will be on June 20, 2022 (Summer Solstice) when we are amidst the Arise USA Resurrection Tour which will begin a global ripple effect of conscious uprising, engaging, uniting and bringing humanity back to Faith, Family and FREEDOM! This is when our year of DEEP DIVE DISCLOSURE begins… 


One conversationOne cycle around the sunRaising awareness and consciousness; within as many souls as humanly possible.


The Lazarus Initiative will culminate with a full-length feature movie called: ‘Project Lazarus – Arise Homo Sapiens’, with an anticipated release date on Summer solstice of 2022. 


Why is this so important: The Lazarus Initiative is not just important – it is vital for the survival of humanity. As evidenced by the current corona-covid abomination, we face the gravest existential threat as a civilisation and species ever faced before. The great tribulation and reckoning is upon us, and it is our capacity to awaken within the spellbinding that is catalyst to our survival. From reclamation of health sovereignty, to restoration of natural-law and auto-determination by living men and women of the living soil.


In order to comprehend the breadth and extent of reality we are required to thread cosmogenesis to the status quo and ultimately through the mechanics of ascension. The conversation will therefore explore and illuminate sovereignty, natural law and ascension with an emphasis on the subtle dimensional upgrading occurring throughout the mortal realm via vibration, light and frequency upshifting, which will also explain the foundational need for absolution and redemption at the individual, cultural and civilisational level.


The Lazarus Initiative will fully articulate and expose genetic interventionism (from the Third Reich and post-Nazi eugenics to E.T abductions and contemporaneous vaccination programs), mind-control, A.I., transhumanism, (i.e.: morgellons syndromeand other attributable ‘diseases’), allopathic medicine and the full spectrum assault against mind, body and soul due to desecration of water, air and soil through a travesty of generational agrochemical and pharmalogical poisoning. The initiative will address science vs scientism, consciousness vs consciousness-in-action, citizenship vs sovereignty, vibral light vs false-light….in spill terms: the living vs the dead, which is why the initiative is called Lazarus. It is our capacity to awaken within the geometry of Now which will determine those of us who walk through this valley of death and those of us who succumb. To paraphrase Bobby Kennedy Jr. in one of his remarkable speeches during the covidiot year of 2021, we are indeed facing the battle of ages, but we have one another – and this should give us the courage and conviction we need to die with our boots if necessary. But to not take up this noble fight is to abnegate our humanity.


The Lazarus Initiative membership is an exclusive club for those ready to catapult into a new reality, for those demanding that tyrannical rule cease to govern our world and for those desiring deep connection with others on the path of ascension.


Sign up here if you’d like to be part of this great initiative


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