Ankle Injuries – X-ray or feet up?

Out walking, on the playing field or tennis court, you fall and hurt your ankle. Annoying and painful, definitely. But now what? Feet up on the couch or off to A&E?

These tests, called the Ottawa Ankle Rules, are designed to figure out if you need an X-ray or just rest

1. Can you take 4 steps (limping is allowed!)?
\u274cNO – get an X-ray

2. Do you have tenderness/pain around your medial or lateral malleoli (the little bone bumps on either side of your ankle)?
\u2705YES – get an X-ray

3. Do you have tenderness/pain around the base of the 5th metatarsal (bump on the outside edge of your foot below your little toe)?
\u2705YES – get an X-ray

4. Do you have tenderness/pain around your navicular bone? (bump on the inside of your foot, underneath your ankle crease)?
\u2705YES – get an X-ray

These DON’T mean you definitely have a fracture – just that it’s worthwhile checking.
It’s hard to see strained ligaments so X-rays (and MRIs) are looking for something broken.
If it’s not broken then RELAX! Go home, rest the foot for 24 hours and apply ICE.

What Next?

Get support – a physical support can help keep you mobile and, most importantly, stop you limping (which causes all kinds of problems later on). Always make sure your support is chosen and fitted by a professional.
Get treatment – some physiotherapy will help to ease the pain and inflammation
Prevention – check footwear and training to prevent a recurrence

If you need more specific help contact Bodyworks Clinic on 952 883 151, or 699703936