Are You Ready to SCREAM?

Dear Ali,

If you are ready to SCREAM, let’s do it together, and Out-Loud!

You may be thinking, “Why do I want to scream…and why is this resonating with me?”, and the answer is….”Because you want to put out into the World the true wishes that you’ve been feeling in your heart and the thoughts inside your head to verbalize what YOU really want to do!” And you want to do it NOW.

And YES, you are WORTH IT!

Do you want to start a new successful business?
Do you want to grow an existing one?
Do you want to start a success coaching business?
Do you want to help thousands of people, globally?
Do you want to live where you want to live?
Do you want to love who you want to love?
Do you want to do it YOUR way and in your own terms?

I have a series of Fall programs, that will delight you and will fit you like a glove.

Starting November 1st:

Passion to the Fifth Power

This is about using your passions to monetize your expertise, and believe me, this is a kick-butt program:

Discover your inner passion to be who you’re really meant to be.
Live your life with pride and joy while adding to your Money Bucket.
Recognize your purpose to know that what you’re doing is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, and not what someone else wants you to do.
Develop your individual profit margin to support your business and lifestyle.
Understand how perception can work for you and optimizing the use of the perennial “messenger.”


Mastering the Art of Coaching in the 21st Century

Thinking of creating a success coaching program, online, and help thousands of people around the world? This one is for YOU!

Know when it’s best to be a mentor and a mentee.
Learn how to truly listen and use it to your advantage.
Discover your intellectual process.
Develop your intuitive cognition.
Fully utilize your energy and emotions.
Invest wisely in your money and your time.
Reap the benefits of thinking outside the box.


Cleavage in the Boardroom

Need help in the self-confidence and “worthiness” department? You’re going to love this program:

Unravel the mystery of your intellectual cleavage and allure.
Understand how self-wroth is tied to your net-worth and bottom-line success.
Learn how to easily demonstrate your brilliance to others.
Take control of situations to make them mutually beneficial to all involved.
You are NOT an item at meetings. You are interesting, stimulating and imaginative.
Understand how your approach determines the outcome.
Knowing how to combine intellect with impulses, and how to tell the difference for a winning combination.


VIP Inner Circle

Want to be on top of your game? Allow me the privilege of coaching you, 1on 1, like you’ve never been coached before. What you will learn (for life) will marvel you, and so your road to success begins:

Find yourself activating creativity, imagination and action.
Go from where you are to where you really want to be, as YOU want to be it.
Recognize and remove self-imposed barriers.
Ascertain your individual wants and needs.
Learn life-lessons that will always be at your fingertips when you need them.
Embark on your personal success journey.
Create and achieve…..the lifestyle of your dreams.



Moving on to the juicy stuff: I love surprises, mostly….giving them! My surprise to you is that there is whopping 15% off of the regular price for “each” of these series, when you act by October 25th, before midnight. Simply type the word BONUS during check-out, in the code box, and you are all set. It is that simple.

Registration is open for each of these programs. Click on the link above or visit to view more information about each of these trans-formative and successful series.


Why wait ’till later? – SIGN UP NOW as you are only one click away from attaining what you want.


To your Success, (Always!!!)
With all my Passionista Love!

Ali R. Rodriguez
Business Coach to Entrepreneurs
And the Self-Employed
(386) 615-6282

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