Are You Stepping Into Growth?

It was the early morning hours of March 31st, when suddenly, the house was shaking, the wind was howling, and all was dark.  Electricity was off.  Cell phone was dead, and of course, no computer either. 

I found my portable radio and listened to the tornado warning.  Intuitively I knew where in the house to go, but I couldn’t tell how close the weather system was to my house and neighborhood. I don’t live in a tornado area so this was highly unusual. Luckily, though close, it did not affect my area directly, but the noise and the wind, was quite scary.  Then I thought how lucky I was because there was a warning.  Immediately I wondered, what did I learn from this????

I learned that FEAR helped me stepped into Growth!  Fear gave me the courage to grow into a more self-assured version of me.  To take charge even in the worst of situations, and to know, that no matter what, I’d be moving forward and never to look back.

So you see, Fear in itself, was my warning system.

With Growth sometimes come pain.  It is all part of the evolution process, and we have to be valiant enough to face it, embrace it, and wear it like a pair of leather gloves, allowing it to fit just beautifully.

So tell me, how do you step into Growth?


• Are you open to new adventures, possibilities and circumstances? • Do you look to make new friends, new contacts, new partners? • In your business, do you go out of your way to prospect on a fairly consistent basis, and… you cultivate your already existing relationships? • Do you value what you have? • Do you hunger to learn something new every day, no matter how big or small?


• Look to meet new people that really appeal to you. • Be sure to meet people that are people magnets. • Those that attract amazing people into their lives. • And those, who know how to have fun while stepping into their greatness by knowing How to Step in their own Growth. • Those that treasure fears because they know that’s how they find the courage to move forward and step into growth. • Be sure to be strategic about the new people you meet.  • Be sure they are a lot smarter than you are.  This is your Learning Evolution and Revolution.  It’s juicy, it’s yummy, and you deserve it.

Action Plan:

• Be a human connector.  Find people that you like and connect them to others who can be mutually beneficial for each other, you excluded. • Enjoy the process. Growth is a welcome side to our divine humanity.  Embrace it with joy. • Put yourself out there, go out on a limb, and connect with people you don’t yet know, but would like to know.  All this is part of stepping into Growth.  It’s okay to be fearful, but think of what you’ll gain.  • Remember that:  “Courage is fear that has said its prayers” (A.U.) • Get outside your physical box, and take your chances. • Once you do all of the above, it will feel like second nature to you and you will be on your way to making amazing connections, growing your business, while cultivating your personal attributes to let your greatness shine.  After all, that’s what you are taking with you….and think of how you would want to be remembered.

So a little fear, a little courage, a whole lot of determination, and a great amount of joy in connecting with the unknown is all it takes at times, to have an amazing life, with all the right people in it.