Are You Winning Yet?

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Gratitude is everything.  I am always pleasantly surprised as to how far a grateful heart can go, and there is always a sense of awe in watching how much generosity is actually going on around our world, despite of what gets disseminated in the news.


We hear a lot about the Law of Attraction, and yet, we attract what we are in alignment with, and gratitude, with a sense of giving and receiving, puts you in a great place of allowing the miracles of attraction to happen.  Don’t force it, don’t make it happen, just be yourself and be aligned with who you really are.  All else will fall into place.  Keep a grateful heart.



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Are you winning yet? 


There seems to be a constant struggle between Impulse and Ambivalence, Intellect over Emotions and Reason over Intuition.   With so many choices, how do you make the right decisions?  How do you know you are winning at meeting your goals, your desires, your timelines, and your successful outcomes? It’s all about making the right decisions and ALWAYS taking action towards those decisions.


You may ask:


What is Impulse and how important is it in your decision-making process?  Impulse is an action characterized by lack of thought.  In other words, “acting without thinking.”


What is Ambivalence?  Uncertainty or fluctuation, simultaneous desires to say or do two opposite or conflicting things.

In other words, “inability to make a choice.”


What is Intellect over Emotions?  There are circumstances when Intellect must override Emotions; however, Emotions make for more than 50% of the decisions!  How do you balance that?


What is Reason over Intuition?  Reason is the love child of Intellect and yet, most powerful and successful decisions come from the Intuition!

Remember when you found yourself uncertain as to what the right decision was during a critical period of your life?  Was it about a relationship that had to end?  Or was it about having a difficult conversation with a parent?  Perhaps deciding to give up something you really wanted to serve the greatest good?  Whatever it was, you remember….and….it is indelible in your mind.


Making the right decisions is one of the formulas for success.  Waiting for the right time, is seldom the answer.  Most success stories are based on people acting quickly on their feet, regardless if originally, it was the wrong decision for them.  The more you exercise your decision-making muscle, the more your chances of success.  And yes, sometimes failure is success turned inside out!




¨      What holds you back when making a decision?

¨      What causes Impulse over Vacillation to take over or vice-versa?

¨      When is Action better than No Action?

¨      Do you wait until you say:  “Enough is enough?”

¨      Do you act before you get to that point?

¨      Do you weigh your options?

¨      Do you follow your intuition?


Winning comes down to the process of moving forward and the anticipation of growth-experience.




¨      Impulse can get you into quick action; can also get you into quick-sand.

¨      Ambivalence can save you from making a catastrophic decision; it can also prevent you from taking advantage of opportunities.

¨      Intellect can give you precise answers.

¨      Reason can say “wait.”

¨      Intuition can guide the way. 




¨      First, dig deep and find out what your learning style is.  Even if you know it already, it may have changed through the years.


¨      Develop “in writing” the process that is unique to your way of thinking.  Remember, not one size fits most!

¨      Know that this process is subject to emotional circumstances; however, the essence of your thinking-process usually remains consistent.

¨      Think in a “moving-forward” fashion.

¨      Find a brainstorming buddy to help you find clarity when you are in the middle of a major decision and can’t make up your mind.

¨      Be willing to embrace change.  Meaningful, subtle, transitional and even permanent CHANGE!  It adds spice to your life.

¨      Find joy in anticipating all growth experiences.  Expect them.

¨      Ambivalence and inability to act is sometimes caused by too much to do. 

¨      Eliminate your to-do list.  Instead, schedule activities in your calendar as a done-deal.  That way, one less thing to think about, and brings you closer to your winning state of success.

¨      Motion creates emotion.  Keep on moving.  Even if sometimes is not necessarily forward, but sideways!  (However, never backwards!)

¨      Be proud of everything you do.

¨      Be proud of everything you are.

¨      Be proud!  (Period.)



This is where you get to answer:  “Are You Winning Yet?” – I want to hear from YOU!


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