Beginning the New Year of 2021 with a Sparkle…


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IAM a Sparkle of Love By Barbara Franken

About this Children’s Book…

It is a true magical children’s story about love and life that Grandma Barbara used to tell her grandson Alexander when he was little.

As background illustration, paintings and photographs are used from our Art Exhibition and Royal Stage Performance ‘Our Magnificent World’.

During 2017 and 2018, our Charity Conciencia Magnifica held Creative Art Projects in Benalmadena. We inspired eighty local children to create their expression of ‘Our Magnificent World’.

They were asked to sense the basic patterns in nature, what their unique and essential place is in the world and how, when they are happy and playful they radiate love out into the world and create a harmonious community of celebration.

This followed in the summer of 2018, with an art exhibition and a Royal Stage Performance ‘Our Magnificent World’! Created with the help of a few local children and their parents, and my dear friends.


Beginning excerpt…

It is a very special day for Grandma when Alexander is born. She knows him well, having spent the last nine months talking with him whilst in his mummy’s tummy, and is now excited to meet him in person!

She wants nothing more than to play and have fun with him. To inspire him to be curious, to explore and discover himself and life. Supporting him in fulfilling his role as ‘Bringer of Light’ to the world.’ 


Note from Barbara…

As with all my writings, the energy of my words are written to help others connect deeply with themself and the natural world around them and inspire them to remember the truth how everyone is a ‘Sparkle of Love’, here to bring love into the world, quite simply by being themself and enjoying their life.

This children’s story, suitable from the age of 10+ is no exception as it is written to the child who I see and acknowledge as a most natural loving intelligence. Born sovereign and free to explore, discover & express their heart.

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All monies raised from this new children’s book go to fund, continued local Creative Art Projects held by our charity Conciencia Magnifica. Thankyou.