Being Your Magnificent Self…

Are YOU being Your Magnificent Self? Maybe wondering what it actually means to be magnificent or choosing whether or not to be magnificent!


Join me for a moment to feel into your being magnificent. Can you allow yourself to be magnificent? How does it feel? Can you remember anything about how magnificent your natural state of being is?


You were born naturally magnificent and all powerful in your core. Divine love and light flickers gently within you, consciousness waiting patiently for the Human identity, the body and mind to recognise the infinite existence of your loving spirit… and together as oneness, body, mind & spirit enjoy a most beautiful and sensual earthly life.


However, through all our Human existence of being taught how to behave and what to believe… we have become numb to the truth of who we truly are and become fixated on the identity of our body/mind. Our loving inner guidance laying deeply hidden in the depths.

Maybe, similar to me, you find it hard at times to write, talk about or even be Your Magnificent Self… being the love you are… as you experience the continued judgement from yourself and others of how you are being selfish, self absorbed… even stuck up.


Sometimes you may think it’s better to be quiet, but it’s important to have courage, to stand tall and remain different, to dare say what everyone has forgotten, to be the example of freedom and unconditionally love, despite how numb and reactive everyone seems to act.


Especially now, at this great time of change, it is important to shine our light and just as the sunlight shines brightly, we can help each other to melt our numbness away and awaken to the truth that lies deeply anchored within. It is important to remember our loving and infinite origin, to reflect our bright and loving light, to be self-full, to unconditionally love ourself first and everyone else too. For everyone to have the best ever experience, living life as a celebration as our magnificent self... co-creating a harmonious New Earth together!



Recently I sensed a conflict, I was in with someone close, was coming to its peak! It was driving me mad! I knew I finally had to choose to understand why I was playing… the leading role and be able to step fully back into my full time job as Me, My Magnificent Self… lighthouse keeper and shiner of unconditional love!


You probably know how it goes, you’re bombarded with rude and disrespectful behaviour… you can’t really accept it, don’t want to be around it… and when you’re tired or had a glass or two of wine, you can act out! Oops!


What I want to say here is… it’s ok to be the vulnerable Human and experience being caught up in the game… even as Your Magnificent Self. As long as your intention is to be balanced, supportive and loving to all life… and you keep your vision of embodying all the love you are here in this physical body and reality.


There are a lot of numb people around who believe in survival and lack… so this path of ascension is not an easy one to choose.


For me this conflict has been about remembering to be real and sensitive. To accept and embrace my own vulnerable behaviour and that of others. To remember I’ve been on this path a long time and it’s up to me to continue to shine my light, to show the path of unconditional love, making it easier for others to go through this great transformation. From a Human who fears, to a DivineHuman who loves.


IAM forever grateful to all my Divine friends on WordPress, who take it in turns to remind me of the bigger picture… thank you Mark for your recent post!



It reminded me to look further than Barbara in this lifetime… into Jenny, Amanda and Bert I was playing in other lifetimes and how they were waiting to come back home. It was about remembering just how great, how huge and magnificent IAM!


We are all so much more than our physical body, mind and spirit we experience this lifetime; we are multidimensional beings, living multiple lives. AND this is the lifetime we all have the opportunity to bring ourselves together in this now physical moment.


So please remember if you begin to question Your Magnificent Self, begin to dim your light because of your focus on what fears you need to release in this lifetime look further afield at the aspects you are playing out simultaneously. Perceive the light they see shining brightly guiding them home… to feel safe and loved… to put an end to their conditional and unloving experience and join you in living a life of celebration in this now physical moment.


My conflict has not only been reminding me to love All aspects of myself unconditionally… but this person is eager to learn, by example how to unconditionally love themself.


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