Reduce FEAR Pandemic. Prevent CORONA.

The pandemic of FEAR is bigger than the pandemic of the VIRUSthunder.png
The biggest reason people are in so much panic iis because
We know what a flu is, but we don’t know about CORONA
It’s new and there’s no vaccine yet.
The UNCERTAINTY causes much anxiety and FEAR.
star.pngFear causes stress and STRESS causes a reduced immune system!
People stock up on toilet paper, cans of food, bread, hand wash, etc…
Not because it cures CORONA, but because psychologically it gives some sense of CONTROL
Buying supplies is something we can control and that eases the fear a little.
star.pngWhat’s IMPORTANT is to REDUCE the FEAR and BOOST our IMMUNE SYSTEM
The more calm we are, the more it increases our immune system.
star.pngWhat CAN YOU DO?
You can do many things to make sure you DON”T get the virus:
-Wash your hands a lot
-Don’t touch your face
-Keep a good hygiene
-Clean your home
-Avoid much contact with others
-Sleep well
-Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods
-Walk outside in nature, breathe, meditate
-Stay at home as much as you can and avoid traveling

star.pngBy helping yourself you are HELPING OTHERS!!!!

star.pngstar.pngstar.pngWHAT are you doing to help contain the virus?
Comment your actions below and let’s help each other.