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Simone van der Heide
Costa Women Meet ... Simone van der Heide
Always looking on the bright side of life, meet Simone van Der Heide.  Simone has recently move to Altea and fallen in love with the local vibe. Read her story.
F0C0A767-F716-4F32-803F-B11880040EBE - Charlotte Wright
Costa Women Meet ... Charlotte Oldham-Wright
Home for Charlotte Oldham-Wright is now Castellon.  Charlotte has grown to love the person she has become through hardship. Read her story.
m_Currencies Direct - Costa Women_3
Fluctuating interest rate expectations stoke currency volatility
The past couple of weeks have seen movement in the currency market grow increasingly volatile amid frequent repricing of central bank interest rate expectations.
Penelope Russak
Costa Women Meet ... Penelope Russak
Moving from survival mode to sunshine mode, Costa Women meet Penelope Russak.  Penelope believes we should make our own kind of music (even if nobody else sings along). Read her story.
3 - Karen Osbelt
Costa Women Meet ... Karen Osbelt
Freedom is just a step away seems the mantra for Karen Osbelt. Read about her walk to Spain and now how she helps you shorten your path. Read her story.
Sylvia Kenna
Costa Women Meet ... Sylvia Kenna
Believing in the power of 'enough' meet Sylvia Kenna. A long term resident of Spain who is now working on retirement! Read her story.
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