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Dovish Fed pivot weakens the US dollar
Economic uncertainty has continued over the past fortnight, with recession fears and central bank dynamics causing turbulence in the currency market.
Cooling US inflation triggers USD sell-off
A slowdown in US inflation hammered the US dollar over the past two weeks, while prompting a risk-on rally in markets. However, downbeat economic and geopolitical news caused some turbulence.
Karen Reay
Costa Women Meet ... Karen Reay
Whilst the children have flown, Karen Reay occupies her time with her passion for pilates and wellbeing as well as running a Ukulele group in Malaga city.  Read her story.
Building Customer Trust
Why your business needs a website, not just a Facebook Business page
One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t rely JUST on your Facebook business page is because back in 2018, Facebook changed the way we see posts in our news feeds…
UK Fiscal and Political Uncertainty rock the GBP
The pound continued to trade with considerable volatility over the past fortnight amid fiscal and political uncertainty in the UK.
Carrie Frais
Costa Women Meet ... Carrie Frais
Meeting her future husband at the wedding in the UK and throwing a dare into the conversation about moving to Spain brought Carrie Frais back to Spain. When here, Carrie discovered that there were limited...
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