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Wendy Leo-Smith
Costa Women Meet ... Wendy Leo-Smith
“You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need” is the song with a significance for Wendy Leo-Smith. However that need included her sailing around the world for five years and she wants...
m_Currencies Direct - Costa Women_2
Euro/USD sustains fall below parity
The currency market has been infused with some notable volatility over the past couple of weeks, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Paula Echeverri
Costa Women Meet ... Paula Echeverri
Paula Echeverri wrote her book EMERGE to share her battle with hearing loss and the tools that she used to overcome the many hurdles that she had to face. Read her story.
Monika Griffith
Costa Women Meet ... Monika Griffith
A false start for Monika Griffith lead her to leaving Spain and then returning to a new location in Pizzara. She will  help you design your unique home location too. Read her story.
Bel Ontinyent
The dusty months of summer
I've been living in Ontinyent for 3 months now. It's time to ask some of the big questions...
Kathy Roots
Costa Women Meet ... Kathy Roots
Meet worldwide traveller, Kathy Roots, who tired of the 9 to 5 and found herself moving to Mojacar. However the travelling hasn't stopped! Read her story.
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