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Las Valientes
For those that are still catching up, I, the dumpee, am now living in Spain, in the marital home that never was. These walls have not borne witness to the decline of a short-lived marriage, they are pure...
Pat Crowder
Costa Women Meet ... Pat Crowder
Meet Pat Crowder who has learnt the importance of picking herself up when she falls down and the importance of continuing to do so.  She shares membership of AA on the Costa del Sol and the support it...
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Euro strikes parity with the US dollar
The past couple of weeks have seen the euro face significant pressure amid fears of an impending Eurozone recession.
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Recession fears turbocharge US dollar
Fears of a looming global recession have acted as a key catalyst of movement in the currency market over the past couple of week, leading to investors favouring safe-haven assets.
Ria Thomas
Costa Women Meet ... Ria Thomas
On a mission to create random fun adventures, aka your Bucket List Bestie, meet Ria Thomas. Ria believes in the power of 'ask, believe, receive'. Read her story.
Jo Sintes
Jo Sintes (NT.dip, FNTP), a registered nutritional therapist, wellness coach and Zest4Life Association and ageing fabulously!
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