bully tactics in business

Hi all,

I am a new member and live in the Southern part part of the Costa Blanca. A friend recently organised a fashion show marketing her own dresses, those of a dress shop, our local hotel and the hairdressing service of a business in an adjoining ciudad. A local charity was going to benefit from the sale of the tickets. Many have been sold, paperwork printed and circulated and entertainment booked on a payment with no return arrangement. She has had to cancel, however, due to threats from a nearby business woman who objects to such marketing on her ‘patch’. Lots of threats have been made to the businesses involved in the planned event. So these reletively smaller businesses feel too intimidated to continue with the venture. My friend and I are not that familiar with such practice, coming from the UK fairly recently. Are any other members familiar with such practice? Isn’t it just open competition? Or are things different in this respect over here?

Many thanks for any thoughts on this matter,

Eileen Myers of Algorfa