Common DIY Tasks That Every Woman Should Know How to Do

Author: Lucy Parks

There are a million and one things that can go wrong in the average household. At any one moment, a long-overlooked imperfection or structural weakness can reach a tippingpoint. Anyone who has suffered that nightmare moment of hearing an almighty crash and realizing that something has fallen down or collapsed will sympathize. Have you ever walked into your kitchen to find your cupboards hanging off the walls and all your crockery smashed on the floor? No? Then you do not know true pain, my friend

The following DIY tasks are among the most common that you are likely to face in your home. If you have children, then the chances of stuff getting damaged and broken increases. Children also accelerate general wear and year and, therefore, a home with children is likely to require more repairs and require them more often.

How to Drill Properly

Learning to use a drill properly will open up numerous new possibilities for your DIY work. Once you are confident drilling, you will be able to take on new tasks such as putting up shelves, hanging pictures, and you can even begin to think about building your own furniture!

The best way of getting better at drilling is to find yourself a spare piece of wood or plasterboard that you can practice on. Pull the trigger gently at first so that you can gauge how sensitive it is. Experiment with the different drill bits to get an idea of what each does before you tackle a project.

How to Turn the Water Off

If you don’t know how to switch your water supply off, you won’t be able to undertake a number of vital tasks. For example, fixing a tap is a relatively common DIY task -and one that requires you to switch the water off.

Every home has a pair of valves known as stopcocks. There is both an internal and an external stopcock, both of which control the flow of water into the home from your mains supply. You can learn more about this and other common plumbing tasks from

How to Fix a Dripping Tap

A dripping tap is one of the most common plumbing issues in the average home. It might not seem like a serious issue, but every drop of water is costing you money! It all adds up over time, so fixing a leaking tap should be a priority. Fortunately, a leaking tap is an easy issue to resolve in most cases. This guide should help you. You shouldn’t need a plumber for this, and yet many people splash out on one anyway!

When things do go wrong in the home, it has traditionally been the responsibility of men to apply their apparently innate knowledge of DIY to rescue you. But this is 2018, sister! Learning to do DIY is a genuinely empowering experience. It will add another layer of independence to your life and will give you yet another way of showing the rest of the world, what an amazing person you are.