Costa Woman of the Month!

We asked and you nominated!

We decided to launch a new initiative – ‘Costa Woman of the Month’ for June to celebrate and raise awareness of the work, support, encouragement, ideas and/or charitable acts individual Costa Women members have provided during the lockdown.  It’s been a time for reaching out to others in the community when isolation has been a huge concern; many of you have been feeding the homeless, or people in need. 



It’s been a very tough decision to choose the overall winner (especially as I know many of you personally) so I brought in two independent judges to decide.
The judges decided that the overall winner should be the woman with the most nominations from the community and also because she had personally been through the trauma of having CovD19 herself, losing both parents during the lockdown, continued to provide support for others in Costa Women and as was said by one of her women who nominated her “her joy for life is inspiring. She is a truly resilient woman”.
Please join me in congratulating Alison Wade for being the overall winner. She had the most nominations, suffered her own traumas and still supported other members during the lockdown.  You can read her story here.
HOWEVER, each of the nominees deserve an award – you are all winners in our eyes with the selfless acts you have performed over the last few months so we are very grateful to you for being YOU!
Here’s a list of the nominees and the different categories.
Helping in the Community
  1. Pat Jay 
  2. Lorraine Williamson
  3. Deborah Frati
  4. Inez Robinson
  5. Elena Sanchis Sanz
Personal Difficulties
  1. Alison Wade
Providing Services
  1. Fiona Catchpowle
  2. Zoe Parsons
Helping People Stay Positive
  1. Dita Grunte
  2. Glynis German
  3. Gemma Devine
  4. Jo Bendle
  5. Cathy Dodd
  6. Debbie Skyrme
  7. Alison Wade
  8. Ann Henhoeffer/Jenkins
Many thanks to all of you for being an inspiration to the community!
If you would like to nominate one of our members (or more) for next month’s competition, please email nominations to with your reasons. 

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