(Costa) Women Power!

Once upon a time, there was “just” one woman with a mission. One woman with a purpose. With a plan. With a hope and with heck of a lot of determination”. She had a dream” you might even say, copying another famous super-achiever!

That woman is Ali Meehan and her mission was to create a space and a place for like-minded women to get together and help each other, support each other, work and collaborate together, dream together and inspire and motivate each other to make those dreams come true.

Today, not that long after starting up “just” her, she´s joined by nearly 900 other women, all enjoying sharing this amazing journey and mission with her.

And so, the quest continues, constantly marking new achievements and moving upwards and onwards, each time snowballing and increasing its power and positive impact around it. 

Last Tuesday (10th July), it was one of those milestones, approximately 110 Costa Women members joined together to celebrate the Launch of our Marbella chapter, which was set up by popular demand for the Marbella-Gibraltar area.

As all monthly Costa Women events, it was free to attend and took place at the centrally located The Cosmopolitan of Marbella, where guests enjoyed meeting each other in a relaxed and glamorous setting of Nueva Andalucia´s bar and lounge and the beautiful sunset background and scenery.

The Cosmopolitan´s gorgeous Charlotte Fisher and her skilful and smiley team ensured that no-one went thirsty and even prepared delicious canapés for everyone to enjoy. (Somebody indulged more than they should have in the yummy Cosmopolitans & mojito!!)

iTalk radio broadcasted from the event, with Maurice Boland and Pippa Jones talking to Ali, myself and 7 other Costa Women about their projects and experiences in Spain. Our thanks go to them too, of course, for helping us spread the word!!

Generous souls that Costa Women are, they also participated in the raffle fundraiser for the CUDECA charity and hospice. The prizes were contributed by Elsebeth Nybroe-Nielsen of ENN Care and myself and here are the winners and their respective prizes – those of you who had left before, please check your numbers, we still have a couple of prizes unclaimed:


ENN Care:

Marina Nitzak Coaching

Please contact me directly to arrange your coaching / courses.

We´d like to continue this fundraising effort at our next gatherings, so please let us know if you´d like to contribute any prizes for the raffle.

This extremely successful inaugural event will become a monthly get-together that will take place on first Tuesday of each month. August event will take place on Tuesday 7th of August (same time and place) and is already tipped to be another highlight in the local calendar with performance of the internationally renowned comedienne and queen of Burlesque Jo King, as well as another popular performer, Stephen Lloyd-Morgan – please see Costa Women Marbella August soirée for more detail and information!

Now, join me in a big round of E-Applause for our fantastic Costa SuperWoman Ali for her vision and everything she has invested to make that vision become a reality for all of us to enjoy!

Also many many thanks to all of you, fabulous Costa Women, for participating, supporting, inspiring and generally making our network as exciting and wonderful as it is!!

Marina x