Creative Writing Course – Elements of Fiction

I will be running a series of workshops during 2014, starting with Elements of Fiction, details of which are set out below. Each course will be limited to ten students to ensure writers receive the necessary level of attention. Click here to view my writing and tutoring credentials.


Dates — February 24th to March 31st 2014

As you can see, the course will cover a six-week period, consisting of two-hour workshops on Monday mornings from 10:30 to 12:30.



Each session will focus on a set topic, covering one of the essential elements required for writing fiction. Students will be given assignments to complete, which will be marked and returned prior to the next session. Understanding the various elements through practical application, together with the workshops, will gradually build towards a complete understanding of how to create stories with that ‘must read’ quality.



Week One: Discovering the essential elements of fiction

Week Two: Creating characters readers will care about

Week Three: Writing effective dialogue

Week Four: Use of settings and backstory

Week Five: Plotting, structure and theme

Week Six: Putting it all together


The weekly sessions will be held at The Brasserie, Bahia Casares Golf Course, Casares Costa, 29690, Casares.


For more details and/or to reserve a place, visit the website.