Do You Have What It Takes?

  • To ask for help when needed?
  • To make quick and smart      decisions on the spur of the moment?
  • To invest in yourself,      long-term?
  • To have the courage to put      yourself first?
  • To TRUST that everything will      be okay?

I know these are loaded questions, but just like the elephant in the room, they need to be addressed.

There are times when internal fortitude is needed, and it happens when needing to ask for help, needing to make quick decisions, putting you first, and “trusting” that everything will work out at the end. They sound simple enough; however, they can be monumental steps when you don’t know what to do or how to do it.

The good news is, the more you practice, the easier it gets, until it becomes second hand.

There is one thing, though, intrinsically connected to this process of practice, is your willingness to have a higher sense of self-awareness to all that is happening to you. In other words, acknowledge the Elephant in the Room.

The second thing is having a grateful heart for all the lessons learned, all of what you have, and all of what’s yet to come.


  • Do you ask for help in a direct      and straight-forward manner or do you try to exaggerate the story to make      it even more compelling and delicious?
  • Are you quick on your feet to      make important decisions, or do you second-guess yourself constantly? And,      do you allow self-doubt to play a role in your decision-making process?
  • When you think of long-term      investments, financial or otherwise, do you consider yourself first? Or do      others play a more important role in making those future provisions?
  • Do you make a conscious      decision to put yourself first, above anyone else, or is that difficult      for you to do?
  • Do you have what it takes to      TRUST in something higher and bigger than yourself that everything will be      okay?


  • On a scale of 1 to 10, rate      your level of difficulties to accomplish the above-named tasks. In fact,      print out this page, and start rating; 1 being the least difficult, 10      being the most difficult.
  • Anything in between, rate it at      average and on each of your answers explain to yourself why the levels are      what they are.
  • This exercise will give you a      great deal of clarity moving forward and it will help you improve      performance where needed.
  • To achieve desired results,      understand your willingness to change, and your willingness to embrace      change. This is very important.

Action Plan:

Some of these activities will be more difficult than others, and they will be at different levels. Some of them may even be painful, especially if they’ve never been addressed before.

Your job is to identify, clarify, transform, and ALIGN THEM! There has to be a balance and correlation of thought, speech, and vibrational feelings, with well coordinated actions to fit the ultimate results. All talk and no action equals nothing. Just like knowledge, if you don’t apply it, you will get no results.

  • Know who to ask for guidance,      direction and advice.
  • Tell your story from a      matter-of-fact place, rather than a victim’s place. However, it’s      important to tell your story. Do NOT hold back.
  • Remember a victim’s mindset      attracts poverty, lack and scarcity, while a decisive, self-confident      mindset, attracts more of the same. Do not let the shadows of Self-Doubt      cloud your judgment, imagination, and your ability to decide. It is always      wise to have an accountability partner to stand with you and by you in      times of uncertainty and need.
  • Decide to put yourself first.      Though tricky and difficult for some, if not you, who?….and if not now,      when? It becomes a matter of practicing extreme self-care and self-love      when you make such conscious decision and raise your level of awareness      that whatever you do matters, at a very high level. Anything else you may      tell yourself is an excuse to either avoid something, or make someone else      feel good about who they are. So you see, YOU must consider yourself      first. You are the FOUNDATION, what would happen without it?
  • Lastly, and this is a biggie,      TRUST that everything will work out for the best at the end. It is very      hard to let go and trust; however, this is your place of peace, and where      you attain your highest sense of SELF. With such heightened sense of      clarity comes the ability to make better decisions, to find those that can      effectively help you, the ability for deeper self-love and care, and a      much higher sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

Assess the “do you have what it takes”, dig into your “considerations”, exercise your “options,” and finally, TAKE ACTION towards a better business, a better life, and a better YOU.