Don’t Allow Them to Take Your Dream from You

One of my radio shows was about the topic of life dreams – those dreams
that you have about how you would like something (whatever) to be in your life
at some point, and about not letting others take your dream from you, and not
allowing yourself to reject your own thoughts before they even have a chance to

Dreams of this type are so infinitely important to the quality of our
lives…whether we become aware of them at age 12, or whether we do so when we’re
60, or whether we dust them off at any stage of our lives, remembering how
blissfully we used to dream about fulfilling those dreams, and then just forgot
about them. So now, for whatever reason, we are at another point in our lives,
and have the opportunity to revisit those dreams, and to do something concrete
about accomplishing them. What a blast!

Dreams should not be ignored, and particularly, you should never let anyone
talk you out of your dreams.

Due to the response I received to the show, I would just like to reiterate
some of the points made in the show:

  1. What your deam is:
    • something that gives
      meaning to your life
    • something that gives you
      a buzz, a sense of excitement, high energy, butterflies (of the good
      kind) in your solar plexus
    • something that tells you
      – as opposed to so many others – that you actually already know
      what you want, so you are blessed!
  1. What your dream is not:
    • something crazy
    • something childish
    • something that you
      should ignore
    • something that will lead
      you to failure
  1. What others may say to
    you about your dream:
    • it’s totally unrealistic
    • it will never work
    • it’s childish
    • it’s crazy
    • it’s too hard
    • don’t you realize that
      something so easy could never be of any value?
    • it’s too risky
    • no one else has ever
      done it before
    • no one will like it
    • no one will want it
    • no one will believe it
    • no one will accept it
    • it’s a sure road to
    • it’s nonsense
    • it’s not serious
    • it’s not what a grown
      man (woman) should do
    • it’s ridiculous
    • why would you want to do
      so much hard work for something you don’t even know if it will work, when
      it is so easy for you to be accomplished in this other thing (something
      you do well but that does not fulfill you)?
    • do you realize what
      people will say about you if you do that?
    • why do you think you
      might succeed where so many others have tried and failed?
Realize that the same buzz”, the same special energy you feel
whenever you think about whatever it is that your dream is all about, is
something so special, something so important, that this very feeling is what
can most move you in the direction of your goals, your dream, but only if you
hold on to that feeling, that energy.

On the same note, with regard to your dreams, you will do well to be very aware
of the thoughts that you may reject. How often have you not thought of something,
maybe just as a fleeting thought or intuition that you paid little attention
to, telling yourself that it was nonsense, or that it would never work, that
the risk was too high, or that you would, in all likelihood fail, or that if
you were the one to think of it, it meant that it was not important, otherwise
someone would have already done something like that, and so on?

In other words, you’ve had thoughts that for one reason or another you rejected
… and then, sometime later, perhaps only days, or perhaps decades, you see
that someone else not only had the same thought, but they acted upon that
thought, and did something about it, and the results of that thought were now
something tangible or plausible that others could see, or touch, or hear, or smell,
or in some way become aware of.

What happens at that moment; that moment of your own realization that your
thought – your rejected thought – has been made reality by someone else,
who, rather than rejecting it, took it, used it, made something of it?

Isn’t that painful? Doesn’t it make you feel all manner of negative things
about yourself? Now you might even have to make up excuses for yourself for
not undertaking action when you first had the thought
. That’s kind of like
cheating at solitaire … the only one who is betrayed is yourself.

There’s a wonderful quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: In every work of genius,
we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a certain
alienated majesty.
So what can you really do when you stumble across one of your rejected thoughts made reality by
someone else the next time? You can learn from it. Learn that your
thoughts and intuitions come from a well-spring of creativity inside of you
that you should not necessarily reject, that you might want to pay greater
attention to. Learn that there may be great value in what you are rejecting and
condemning to failure or brushing off as the silly meanderings of wandering
mind. Give greater value to your inner inclinations and indications. Try
them out.
Then, instead of betraying yourself, you may find that you bring
something to life
that in fact gives you greater life. 
Coming back to your dreams, even when they change
direction slightly, you will know you are on the right track, as long as
you continue to have the feeling, the buzz, the energy, that inner sense of
excitement. It’s a direct inner connection to your inner self, that voice
inside of you that warns you just before a car comes racing around the corner
at the second you were about to step out into its path, that voice (or feeling)
inside of you that warns you about that person you just met at the dinner
party, who at first glance seems so wonderful, just what you were looking for,
and yet, there may be something you need to look at more closely, and thanks to
listening to that voice, you do so, before jumping off the precipice, and you
find out why your inner voice communicated with you. Call it intuition, call it
buzz, call it energy, there is a spark that we feel when that inner
communication comes out and speaks to us.

If you feel this, if you are familiar with this, then it is paramount that you
hang on to it. Don’t think that just because others aren’t doing it, or aren’t
paying conscious attention to it, that it isn’t real. Count yourself very lucky
– blessed – to have it in your life in such a clear way. You’ve connected to
your inner source, in this case, your passion, and that is something you should
welcome and nourish.

As Wayne Dyer put it: Don’t die with your music still inside you.

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