Don’t interrupt your miracle in progress! by Mastin from the

Dear All,

it is heading in fast jumps to the end of the year and here I am even so it should be the part of the year with quiet time and reflection, Life confronts me with things I don’t really want to deal with right now. All new and old buttons are pressed with an opportunity which raised out of nowhere in the horizon, included fear and fear and more fear. An opportunity lots would think, how great, how blessed you are. For me I have right now all kind of conversations in my head, EGO talk, Soul talk, heart feelings, emotions and so much more.

I had some great talks with some Costa Women, who listened, saw me, heard me and just stood with me and gave me there feedback about the situation. Coming home from a beautiful Business Breakfast with you and our friend JOY, who is a joy :), I received this in my inbox and wanted to share with you.

It is just what I needed to hear and who know perhaps one of you needs exactly to hear this words right now as well.

So it is not coming from me, I hope Mastin will forgive me that I copied it out of his email for you. Enjoy

and ask yourself, “Are you interrupting any miracle in progress right now?”



The human mind is both a blessing and a curse. We are a genius race.


We truly are. Our minds have created so many great things on this planet.


Our minds are also capable of great amounts of darkness and fear. The human mind alone is powerful, but it is not all-powerful, nor is it always right. In fact, human beings have a track record of getting things vastly wrong before we get them right.


We tend to learn through pain and destruction and to this day, the majority of human beings are still running thought patterns that do not understand that each person is a part of a greater whole – that what one person does affects us all. We are still running thought patterns of separation and, as a result, fear.


Some folks are breaking free of this, but many are still under the hypnosis of fear, separation and are seeking to get Love from “out there” instead of looking where Love truly resides, which is always “in here.”


Our minds can be genius, but our minds can also be the source of massive suffering.


The beautiful thing about the human mind is that each one of us has an opportunity to train our mind to think like a champion. We can CHOOSE to align our thoughts with thoughts of Love, Peace, Compassion, Non-Judgment, etc. Or we can CHOOSE to align our thoughts with fear, lack, separation and the like.


When we choose to align our thoughts and actions with Love, we tap into a wisdom far greater than our mind can comprehend.


All of us were born out of a Loving and Connected Uni-verse.


We were birthed from an intelligence that we cannot understand, yet we feel intuitively. When we surrender our will and understanding to that subtle voice within, we sign up for an AWESOME and EPIC adventure. We won’t know what’s going to happen next, but we know that we will always be taken care of.


The first thing that usually happens when we surrender is that the shit literally hits the fan. Time and time again, whether we are consciously or unconsciously walking on The Path, the shit will hit the fan. Our limited perspective from our minds will want to see moments like this as bad, negative and horrible. It’s only natural. When something tragic, unplanned or painful happens, it makes total sense to see that event as a negative.


BUT – because we have NO idea what is going to happen in the next moment or in the next year as a result of these seeming disasters, we cannot, if we are tapped into Love, label them as bad, negative or disasters.


The mind that is aligned with Love simply observes these circumstances and chooses not to label them. We feel the feelings that come with each circumstance, but we do not let them define us or keep us stuck in a rut. We let the feelings come and go like a gust of wind – unattached and aware.


Because we do not know what is going to happen next, if we choose to prevent or resist the present moment, we may actually be interrupting a miracle in progress.


EVERY time something has gone to shit in my life, it’s turned out even better. This is because I choose to see every seeming disaster as Grace and then take empowered action from that mindset.


When things are falling apart in your life, consider that it might actually be Grace.


Celebrate the end of a chapter in your life and ride the wave so you can be reborn, smarter, wiser and with even more Love and Understanding in your heart.


Choose to see even THIS MOMENT as a miracle in progress, and then get out of your own way.


Can you do it?


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Love and miracles,