Doubt and Confidence

In the past, I’ve spent plenty of time in the dead space of lack of confidence and clarity and I know I’m not alone. Maybe you can relate…

You’re finally ready to pursue that lingering idea you’ve had to start a side hustle or you’ve mustered up the courage to throw your hat in the ring for a promotion at work. You’re super excited and determined to make it happen. And then the voice of “reason” speaks up and clouds your brain…it makes you question your ability to succeed. You can’t imagine why you thought that crazy, hair-brained idea would ever work in the first place.

When your confidence starts to take a nose-dive, all the clarity you had about what you wanted and how to make it happen disappears along with your motivation. You start thinking things like, I can’t possibly… and This will never work

Sound familiar?

The funny thing about confidence and clarity is that they’re completely intertwined and they’re both developed by ACTION.

You can consider, contemplate, and mull things over to your heart’s content but clarity rarely comes from just thinking about something. Clarity comes from actually doing something. You have to pick a direction and GO!

That’s not to say that the direction you start heading in is where you ultimately end up. Your true path will reveal itself along the way. And with every step you take, you’ll become more confident in your abilities. You’ll learn to trust yourself more because you’re moving in the direction of your dream–even if the dream ends up changing.

So, what are you supposed to do when you feel stuck and unsure of what to do next? Try asking yourself, what if I did know? What steps would someone who did know what to do take?

It works every time. Try it and let me know what transpires. You’ve got this, !

Agata Galuszka
Women Empowerment Mentor, Retired Director of HR and People Development & Founder of Ultimate Confidence, LTD.

P.S. Stay at Home and Stay Safe xxxxxxxxxxxxx