Four reasons why a Digital business can fit to your new life as an Expat Mom

Digital business model

When I first found out about the Digital business model, I was thrilled. It fitted to every barrier that I felt as an Expat young mother.
It was like to complete a puzzle that was unfinished in my soul, mind and spirit for so long.

Since we relocated to Toronto in March 2012, I felt that I didn’t find my ‘place’ yet, Professionally speaking.

I just gave birth to my second baby (Romy), I didn’t manage to speak fluent English (that decrease my self-confidence) and I had no connections whatsoever.

In our ‘new life,’ my husband continued to grow his professional life, went for business trips and me of course, support and encourage him.

But what about my profession? I stayed in the “back office”, meaning our home, with the position of a “Stay at home mom”.

But you see? This position alone didn’t satisfy me. I can’t hang out in Yoga classes and shopping malls all day long. I need more than that.
I felt that I also needed something that would leverage me as a person that would increase my productivity. Something That would be for my mind, soul, and bank account.

Yes. I wanted to earn a good and satisfying income like I used to!
What’s wrong with that?


Then I found the ‘Digital business model‘. I came across this video. Boom! It felt like completing a puzzle. This model offered me everything that I wished for. 

Here’s the main reasons:

1. My career or my kids? BOTH!

This is the most common conflict for the ‘modern woman’. We want our own family and still having a great career and income. One of these two things are always ‘paying’ the price. Most of the time, you ended up exhausted from trying to fulfill everyone needs.

Not in this type of business. I can work from my home, from my cell phone, mornings, nights, noon, whenever I feel like and have the time (I, for example, working in the morning, while my kids are at school, I then stop at 4.00 and go pick them up. We have all the afternoon to do things together, no pressure. If I want and need, I will continue working after their bedtime. My decision).

2. Work from anywhere 

The term ‘anywhere’ is full of meaning as an expat, doesn’t it? It’s not just ‘from home’ or ‘coffee shop’. It’s from anywhere on the globe… Even from Israel, when we are visiting, even when I’m vacationing with my family or joining my husband to his business trips. Even If we will move again. This business can be done with my laptop and Wi-Fi connection. FROM ANY WHERE.

3. Language barrier

Most times, we are relocating and don’t speak the ‘native language’. I have a very low self -confident when it comes to speaking and writing in English. Every time I went for a job interview, it was like I forgot to speak even the simplest words. Awful feeling. In the digital business model, I can talk and write in any language that I feel like. I do run my business in English, but certainly can do it in Hebrew too.

4. No ‘Glass ceiling’, I can earn how much I want

In my traditional 9-5 job, I had a limited celery that I could earn. Not this time. The money that I’m earning is related to the amount of passion that drives me. Some people think that an ‘On-line’ business is a ‘scam’. Like in any industry, it can be sometimes true. But not what I, and lots of other people, are doing. We are genuinely teaching people how to create their own Digital business and Lifestyle.

Is Digital business easy? 

People don’t know this but it’s not the easiest business to do and you will have to learn new skills and work very hard. Especially at the beginning. It’s not a “press a button” kind of business for lazy people.

So if you are seeking to get rich quick, this is not for you.

It is for you, if you feel like you want to leverage your life, to be able to work from anywhere, anytime, to be an entrepreneur who control his career and income.

If you want to grow your life and your mind.

Reach out to me if you have more questions about Digital business and lifestyle or click here and sign up for the Free Video Series that will tell you all about it.