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IAM delighted to welcome back here today our Guest Blogger and Author, the Magnificent Wendy Gillissen. IAM sure some of you will remember our Divine sister is a great mystical and magical lady, who is always excited to join others who share her passion for love, mystery and magic! My friends, you are in for another delightful story in which to bathe yourselves in the magic of being and living on Magical NewEarth.


Wendy is a past life reincarnation therapist, who loves to help others reconnect with their true selves and give them a new sense of freedom. Freedom away from trauma and this crazy world we have all created together. Wendy studied clinical psychology in Holland to give her business a solid foundation, but she will be the first to admit that the knowledge she intuits when practicing her passion comes from a very old and innate space within her.


Wendy is Dutch, born in the beautiful town of Delft in The Netherlands. The flat lands of tulips, Delft blue china and friendly open people who love to speak English, German and French!


She lives a most authentic life, loving the outdoors and natural living which takes her often for holidays in the UK and Greece where, sensing past lives, reunites her with times of long ago. Her love to play the harp is an old Celtic tradition she holds dear and keeps her balanced, fresh and revitalised. AND her passion for writing her books and blog posts about her own experience, supports and inspires us all to live our magic and be our most magnificent selves.


If you haven’t already read Wendy’s first book, Curse of the Tahiéra, it is then a beautiful gift you can give yourself now and indulge in a most magical adventure of love and forgiveness of past times.


So without any further delay, let’s sit back and enjoy Wendy’s story… Magical NewEarth.



Wendy shares her Story… Magical New Earth


When I was invited by the lovely Barbara to share my vision of a new Earth, I found I was immediately thinking in polar opposites. The ‘’twisted now’’ v the ‘’true expression’’ of values. 


So I wondered: Is that a bad thing? I guess not; we came here in the playing field of opposites, as souls from the eternal bliss of Source, the Unity consciousness, to experience, to play, learn and grow. So I will write from what I feel has become the ‘’normal’’ in our society to what I strife for and feel is essential to the New Earth: the true expression of our fundamental human and divine nature.


I don’t think this New Earth will manifest itself magically. I feel a New Earth begins with us, with every individual, in our personal development of consciousness growth. When enough individuals have shifted their focus from fear to love, they will tip the scales and collective change will happen. But it begins with us. With you. With me. 


The seed of the New Earth will have to be sown in our hearts first, and grow: even if we live in an environment where we are not supported by the group, by general consensus, that is where it begins. If we can live the New Earth by being the change we wish to see, by living from the space of our own hearts, we are the new Earth. And when we so rise our frequency, we will inspire others to do the same.


So what are those polar opposites I was thinking of? Here they are:


I feel there has been a tendency in our society where those things we want as human beings have steadily been replaced by substitutes. Sometimes I think it began with the Industrial Revolution, in the early 1800s. Then I think it began earlier. Much earlier. Somewhere along the line, those things we as humans need, want, and long for have been replaced – and we have let it happen. We have deluded ourselves. We have become addicted to illusions, by the semblance of that which we really long for…


Authentic love has been replaced by romantic illusion. 

Self-love has been replaced by image.

Acquisition of knowledge and wisdom has been replaced by rote learning.

Worthwhile work has been replaced by empty slavery.

Healing has been replaced by toxic medicine.


The grand adventure of the soul in incarnation, for many is not an adventure at all but has become a dreary road of survival, from living from pay check to pay check, filling the emptiness with distractions and addictions, the semblance of that which we really want.


What do we need in order to live life as a glorious adventure again and create the New Earth?


I think the first thing we need to do is wake up to the fact that we are glorious, divine, unique eternal beings. We are not our bodies. Our lifespan is unlimited. 


Second of all we need to realize we are powerful creators. Even when we do not realize it, we create everything we experience on the basis of our deepest beliefs and convictions. Things do not happen to us, we make them happen. Once we shift our focus, we can take full responsibility for the circumstances we have created – and change them at will, inspired by our soul to meet the needs of our true authentic selves.


Shifting our focus often will entail healing our deepest wounds, the foundation of those limiting fear-based beliefs most of us have carried with us from the beginning of our incarnation process. When we create from those unhealed wounds, the result will be the same: circumstances that validate the fear-and pain based beliefs. That is why we often encounter the same lessons life after life. Those lives are like an upwards traveling spiral: they enable us to learn through experience at an ever increasing level of awareness. 


Healing the core wounds at the basis of the learning spiral enables us to fully embrace being a divine creator and create from joy.


The core wounds often have their roots in our first encounter with duality, when we sprang from Source to begin the individuation journey. Our shock at the existence of light and dark is often so great we feel we have been abandoned by Source, separated from Love, our soul and Creation and begin to create from that feeling of separateness. 


Many of us develop survival strategies and defence mechanisms to cope with the fear and pain we feel at the illusion of separation. Many of us go into shock at encountering the collective energies of pain, fear and rage in the astral worlds and three dimensional worlds and begin to push against them – or take them in in an effort to ‘’save the world’’.


Those coping strategies along with the illusion of separateness keep us creating from fear, from ego, from loneliness and pain.


When we finally heal the rift and realize we were never separated from Source, that we ARE Source, that we have always been lovingly supported by the Universe, even when we couldn’t feel it, that the Dark is only a learning tool and we can always choose Light, is when the journey comes full circle. That is when we can finally embrace all of who we are: all our lives, all our selves, all of our hurt abandoned inner children. We heal ourselves and become whole – in fact we always were.


From that wholeness as fully integrated, multidimensional multifaced beings, fully aware of our divinity, connected to our soul, we can express our true authentic selves on earth as masterful creators. We begin to create from joy. Life is an adventure again: an exciting journey of self-expression and creation.


We become like joyful children, playing with the endless possibilities on Earth to express our divine nature. We can play with synchronicity and the laws of attraction and manifestation like a child with its toys: but now fully aware and delighted at the magic of conscious creating. It doesn’t matter where we are when we embody the New Earth: we ARE the New Earth and our lives will transform simply by shifting our focus.


We will open our eyes to the beauty that is everywhere.

We will feel the love that is everywhere.

We will feel spirit in everything.

We will be connected to everything in a glorious dance of existence.

We will feel the magic of fully expressing who we truly are: divine, limitless magical beings creating from joy.

That is embodying the New Earth: it begins right here! ©2020 Wendy Gillissen



Wendy’s Biography…


Wendy Gillissen, M.A. is a psychologist, author and past life therapist in the Netherlands.


Although she was born in the Netherlands, she loves to write her books and articles in English and translate then back to Dutch. 


After falling in love with a Greek island where incidentally, she has many past lives, she began writing her first book. ‘’Curse of the Tahiéra’’ is an adventure story that turned out to be a spiritual autobiography of past lives that spans many centuries. For some readers, and for the author herself it proved to be a story of transformation as well. 


To Wendy’s own surprise, ‘’Curse of the Tahiéra’’ won three awards for independent authors in the United States. The sequel, ‘’The Search for Tzanáta’’ has just been finished and will be published around May 15th in the United States and the Netherlands. 


Wendy lives and works in her own private practice in the Netherlands. In her spare time she loves to hug trees and play the Celtic harp. 


Connect with Wendy…


Wendy’s website 


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Wendy’s Books…


You can purchase Wendy’s first book Curse of The Tahiéra here and here’s a sneak look at her second book cover, The Search for Tzanata. Available to purchase soon… watch this space.



ThankYou Wendy…


Thank you so much Wendy for being your joyful and magical self, for your passionate work you most gracefully share with us all AND especially today you share your story Magical NewEarth. We are grateful for all your insights that support and inspire us all be the change that creates harmony on Earth.


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