Happy #twitmas?

OK, I know it’s only September, and I’m not one of those people who have all their cards written by July and presents bought and wrapped by October (someone I know has hers all done in May!)but my Social Butterfly mind has been wandering a bit to the C word and Christmas is not actually that far away, and quite a few people have started to think about the present-fest that the season of goodwill  (and in our house, often a fair bit of grumpiness too) has become.

I was thinking of all our lovely Twitter and Facebook followers, and how many of them are small businesses, many of them in the crafts industry and it struck me that it would be nice to put a bit of business their way, buy a few cards,clothes,toys and gifts from some of them instead of the usual hurried Amazon frenzy of my usual Christmas shopping. Then we Butterflies had more thoughts about it, and an idea came to mind.

And here is the idea – we thought we’d have a Twitter and Facebook campaign and call it #twitmas (I know, not great but it was all I could think of) where we get a group of us together, offer discounts to fellow group members and we buy at least some of our Christmas presents from each other. Then we will tweet about who we brought from, give them a shout out on Twitter and Facebook – all great for recommendations, don’t you think? We would have a Facebook group too, which would be great for photos etc.

What do you think? Who’s signing up?

**to request an invite please go to our Facebook  page or the group link above

Zofia Coulton

The Social Butterfly