Help Vega Baja – Additional Support for Flood Victims

For many, the recent Gota Fria floods are becoming a distant memory as life returns to normal. For others, the devastation that they experienced will continue for many months to come.

HELP Vega Baja (registered charity) have been working with various businesses to raise funds for those people affected and to date, 26,541 euros has been raised. The Elective Committee of the charity have agreed to increase this by a further 30,000 euros.

President, Michele Masson, stated

“the support from people in the community, both individuals and businesses, has been phenomenal. Our volunteers are now in the process of working with local people in the affected areas and town halls to identify where the greatest needs are. We have started visiting homes ourselves to see where our support is most needed. Many homes need a great deal of repair and we therefore envisage that this work will be ongoing for several months. It is important to us that we do what we can to ensure that people are safe and living in homes that are habitable, but we can of course only do this if we are aware where these homes and families are”.

We would like to issue an appeal to anyone who is struggling as a result of the floods to please contact us on 966 723 733 or alternatively, email to

We will continue to provide updates on progress via the local press and social media. Please remember to check our website at and the HELP Vega Baja Facebook page.


Our Connections Team offer confidential emotional support. If you would like to speak with one of the team, call 965 021 552

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