I AM FAT & THAT IS THAT! What if I were to tell you that is THE VERY BEST attitude to losing weight!


What if I were to tell you that is THE VERY BEST attitude to losing weight!

You would think I am nuts, Right! Nevertheless, let me ask you, have you never put on more pounds after you finished dieting – hell have you never gained pounds when dieting?

Or have you read all the self-help books that say stay with an exercise program, but you never kept to it past two weeks?

The reason for this is your conscious and your subconscious start an internal battle, and unless you start retraining your subconscious, it will win every time… the reason for this, it has a reserve of programming developed over years – making you buy into whatever software program your running.

These programs range from “I have no stamina/ willpower”, “I like my food too much”, “it is hard when I am working so much”, “all the women in my family put on weight when they hit menopause”, “I am big boned”. We could go on all day but the reality is everyone who is dissatisfied with his or her body imagine are running one program or another, which is what you need to identify and change, so you can permanently lose weight.

These negative programs will always have its roots in a negative self-belief, confidence issue, a trauma, self-value, or self-worth.

You have to re-program your brain so that YOU absolutely like and except YOUR-SELF…

I can teach you a technique so that you can delete old programming and build new, increasing your self-esteem, self-appreciation, self-love, self-confidence and in doing so you will start to LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT EVEN TRYING!

Does that sound interesting? The other great thing is it is FREE, so what do you have to lose apart from weight?

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EFT (Tapping) with Claire Atyeo – Tap your way to a positive Version of you and loss weight Permanently. 

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