I’m on a mission: To free my family from the burden of financial worries

I don’t know about you ladies, but whenever I know I’m on a mission, I’m functioning better.

More focused, more direct, and more efficient.

This is why I decided to take upon myself a mission:

To free our family from the burden of financial worries.

Great mission, don’t you think?

Why am I taking this kind of mission upon myself?

Why me?

Why now?

What will happen if I don’t do it?

Read on.


A big part of financial freedom is having your

heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.”


Suze Orman

I have always requested my financial freedom and independence and I have had two rules for this request:

  1. I have to create it on my own.
  2. I need to enjoy myself and contribute to society in order to get it.

From a very early stage, I realized that working 9-5 jobs in the corporate world wouldn’t make me financially free and if you still believe in this — WAKE UP!

For the most part, It can make us a living but nothing more.

Since I was 27 years old and was looking for answers to this matter, I have understood that in order to be financially free, I would have to create something of my own, something that would generate a passive income. This is the basic rule of financial freedom. Unless you have inherited a great amount of money or won the lottery.

I don’t want to rely on a job to pay my bills, buy my house or other things that I want.

I don’t want to worry about the future, pension, or health problems. I want to go on vacation as much as I desire.

That’s me. These questions have always occupied my mind. How about you?


Why me?

My husband is not an option.

He is working a full time job, and when I say “full,” I mean FULL.

As part of his job, he also travels on business trips very often, which means that he can’t really deal with something else in his life except his job and the family time that he is spending with us.

I, on the other hand, might be busy dealing with our home and kids tasks, but my mind is “hungry” for creating something else.

If you have the same circumstances that I do, you can say that I’ve pretty much been pregnant for the last five years.

Of course, with gaps between the 2.5 kids, but when I’m not pregnant, I’m on maternity leave.

Also in my circumstances there was a relocation that “forced” me to leave my career behind and find a new “path” to my professional life. You can read more about it here.

Lots of mothers that don’t get back to the corporate world after the “baby phase” are really bored out of their minds but they are:

  1. Too afraid to admit it to themselves.
  2. Too afraid to admit it to others.

But you know as I do… the laundry folding and the dinner dishes are not doing much for our inner self and self esteem.

This is why you can see these women wandering around the shopping malls, buying lots of stuff they don’t need, creating “mommies groups,” or trying to start an MLM business doing house parties. THEY ARE BORED.

I know myself.

I knew I would get bored pretty much immediately after my babies were born so I decided to take it upon myself to free our family financially.

I might have to do it after the kids go to sleep and between other tasks, but I can and need to do it, for my own sanity.


Why now?

Like I told you before, my decisions in the last three years led me to two defining circumstances:

  1. I decided that I would have my kids one after another without waiting a long time between them, and I was going to have at least three (not to mention four).
  2. My husband and I decided to relocate from Israel to Canada and it’s turned our life around completely.

So, as an expat wife, pregnant and with small kids, I just couldn’t find a job. As much as I tried (and I did) nothing has “stuck” for me (even though I consider myself a very talented person).

After trying for almost a year to get a new job and after searching around the Internet, I decided that now is the best time to start my own entrepreneurial business, and I knew it was going to be a digital one. I wanted to work from anywhere, and I wanted to leverage my income and lifestyle and this is exactly what a digital business can do without getting many more working hours in the day.

The opportunity that I found and fell for immediately was to join forces with the Six Figure Mentors. It’s an online academy that has the tools and training resources and I am ready to use a digital system to start fast in this business.Click here to read more about it.

Another step to achieving my mission of setting our family financially free was made!

What will happen if I don’t do it?

You can say NOTHING. But for me: EVERYTHING.

First of all, just dealing with taking care of the household and children “things” can drive me nuts. I really need, for my own health and wellness, to do something creative that I’m passionate about.

And second, can you imagine a life where you don’t need to worry about next month’s bills? A life in which you can visit your family living abroad whenever you feel like it? A life that can free you from the 9-5 work so that you will have more time to do the things you love? A life in which you won’t have to worry about your pension, the kids’ education, and “life” itself getting in the way?

This is financial freedom for me and this is why I want to achieve it for myself and my family.


I’m on a mission here. To free my family from the burden of financial worries.

And I’m on the right track to achieve it

Here’s to your success