Introducing … Mrs. S. Claus

I am very excited about this weeks interview. This woman is the powerhouse behind an icon to children and adults since we first saw the fairy lights twinkling in our homes. So from a very scratchy and noisy skype call from Spain to the North Pole (those Elves can be loud)… here is my interview with Mrs. Santa Claus!

Firstly, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview; I appreciate its a very busy time of year for you.

You are welcome my dear and yes we are particularly busy leading up to Christmas particularly since someone wished for a communication service via computer in their Christmas stocking – thanks to the world wide web it hasn’t been the same since!

What’s it like being married to a great man who is imitated the world over?

Ho ho ho – sometimes I wonder if I have the right one! And of course that child spread the rumour about seeing his Mummy kissing Santa Claus, but we sorted all that out. So many imposters over the years who think they can look, dress and behave like Mr. Claus but to me there is only one Santa and when he comes home at night, ties up the reindeer and shouts I’m ho ho ho home he’s all mine 

What do you think you contribute to the whole Christmas event?

I bring along my women’s intuition of course – its not easy when some people don’t write a Christmas list so it comes in very useful. You know some people say they don’t believe in Santa – well have they ever NOT received a Christmas present? Where do they think they come from – the South Pole or something?

Don’t you find it slightly scary that not only does he sees you when you are sleeping and when you are awake, but he also knows when you’ve been bad or good?

Fortunately that only applies to children, or we’d all be in big trouble! All that making a list and checking it twice does get on my nerves after a while. Women are so much better at multitasking aren’t they.

When’s your favourite day of the year?

That has to be Christmas Eve – Santa’s off delivering presents to the world with the reindeers, the Elves have gone home to their families and I get to rave with my girlfriends here at the North Pole – its party time. Where do you think pole dancing was invented? 

When you wish upon a star what do you wish for?

Not having to wear red again – I mean seriously every day? There’s only so many outfits a girl can find in red and its not even as if its my colour!

Favourite song

First song on iTunes is always The Eurythmics’ song – Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves (yes yes “behind every great man is a great woman”)

Thank you so much for your time Mrs. C – where can we follow you over the holidays?

If you want to see where Santa is on up to on Christmas Eve our lovely friends at Norad have the tracker going all night
We’ve also got their community manager on the case on @noradsanta on Twitter and
One of the Elves has created an app you can download from the website too. We are very modern you know dear, we were using GPS before it even appeared on a Christmas list. (off the record GPS actually stood for Global Positioning Santa but they had to rename it when the Americans got involved)

And on that note … ho ho ho merry Christmas