Is Your Life ALL About YOU…

Not so long ago I wouldn’t of dared ask anyone this question… never mind asking it in public. What is happening YOU may ask? I discovered the truth about two very important qualities of mine. Courage and Strength… I have them, they were buried under a lot of junk that I had picked up from other people whilst growing up. Do you maybe remember hearing the echo of the words Life is NOT all about you… you know? I remember it well and it didn’t come from one person’s mouth but from many. So I got it and I made sure I didn’t make myself too important and focused instead on trying to fit in and make others around me happy. Except this didn’t make me feel good as I knew I wasn’t being honest with myself, I could also feel that others weren’t being honest with themselves either. I tried my best to follow the rule, but living a lie seemed to bring out the worst in me and quite a few times I’ve been told… better watch your mouth, be more tactful… more compassionate.


So my answer was to be honest and truthful with myself, this made me feel good about myself. It was my way of caring, being kind and compassionate with myself and I knew that how I felt inside reflected in my reality; attracting lovely, kind and honest people around me.


A few years ago I created my brand name… MeMyMagnificentSelf…  that I still to this day sense noses reaching for the ceiling as the word self-ish comes to mind. Owning my courage and strength has allowed me to be self-ful and to share my passion and desire for many hearts to resonate with their own magnificence and authentic power.


YES life is ALL about ME… and ALL about YOU. More and more people are realising this, perceiving the bigger picture and understanding that each heart and soul is consciousness, using the Human Body and Mind as a vehicle to experience the beautiful sensations on Earth… at least when they let go of playing the game and rise above in a higher vibration to their natural state of being… JOY and LOVE.


My first book Your Magnificent Self… A Journey to Freedom shares my realisation of the importance of Being Me, My Magnificent Self and my MasterCreator Class has been created for resonating friends to commit to and celebrate their own Magnificent and ALL powerful Self. My next local 5 week MasterCreator Class on the Costa del Sol is in November and for my friends around the world it will be available online from August 2016. You can register via my website.


Not that Tom and myself need any excuse to celebrate… but we’ve just had a wonderful weekend together celebrating our 18th Wedding Anniversary. I also made a video to share with you all. Enjoy.


Love to you ALL and take care of yourselves first… The energies are vibrating very high and intense, that are just not letting up… So please take plenty of quiet Me-Time, rest and drink plenty of fresh water to get you through it. I promise if you remain balanced you will rise with Mother Earth and all Humankind who are READY to live a joyful, loving and abundant life.


Barbara Franken… Creative Visionary & MasterCreator
Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

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Allow my DivineHuman story to resonate with your heart and soul, and transcend you beyond religion, science and spirituality into the depths of your own Magnificent Consciousness; the timeless and sacred space of infinite potential. Barbara Franken… DivineHuman MasterCreator.